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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>exo2769</b></div><div>This is an interesting comment to me. I'm not suggesting Kravstov is a bust. Additionally, I also think NYR is patient and will allow him to develop AND are one of the NHL teams more likely to sign him than say a Calgary. Heck Panarin chose NYR for the money, but also the large Russian population there. That stuff is all good and stands alone.

Do you think teams should be more warry of Russian prospects because of EXACTLY what you're saying? I don't think this is isolated at all. Alexander Romonav is the 7th Dman getting something like 13 minutes a game. Podkolzin and Kracstov are in the VHL. Denisenko is doing pretty good which means a lot because it's the KHL, but that seems more like the exception than the rule. Not playing meaningful hockey is a huge set back. Even if it just means that other players are developing faster than you. Why aren't more Russian players going the Svechnikov route...through the CHL?</div></div>

I think Svech doing what he did greatly helped him, but it's definitely not a route for everybody. It's a huge culture shock moving halfway across the world and despite it working out well for him, CHL teams don't necessarily have the networking to smooth that transition like the players would get from a NHL organization.

It can also be an interesting exercise to view it from a KHL point of view. They're obviously trying to win within their league too, so I can imagine it's pretty disheartening when you get an exciting young player and know he plans on leaving your team prior to him hitting his prime.