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31 mar 2018
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Jets de Winnipeg
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Sujet: Next year
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Rooney</b></div><div>Agreed, I think Pionk signs for around $5.5m/5 years. I also think Forbort is the perfect stop gap, perhaps a 2 years deal? He's been great so far. I have also been bringing back Stastny on a 1 year deal, Lowry on a 4 year deal and Lewis on a 1 year deal in my AC-GM's...great minds think alike?!</div></div>


Speaking of copp and Lowry, I understand how good they are defensively but it’s frustrating how good they are at creating chances and keeping possession but none of them can finish. It’s painful to watch. Take them away from each other and Lowry suddenly has 2 goals in as many games and copp has a couple of assists. I think they should be split up imo.

I’m also thinking of the possibility that the jets move on from copp instead of Lowry this upcoming summer. With copp going to arbitration a couple of years ago, does he really want to be here? That’s a situation that needs to play out. However, copp is starting to fall out of favour in my books because he’s the worst at finishing on the entire team. He creates plays and gets where he needs to be, but it’s usually all in vain. Idk we will see...

I’ve been doing pionk at 5.9M/8 years.
I like forbort on a 1 year deal at 2M per right now. Just think 2 might be too long. However, if that’s what it takes to keep him around, sure.
I’m okay with giving stastny the 2 years he probably wants. 2 years at 4.5M per? Perfect stopgap/mentor for perfetti imo. That’s the type of player the jets should probably want perfetti to be.
Lowry at 4 years for under 3M works for me and Lewis on a 1 year extension is great!
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