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Forum: Armchair-GMThu at 5:00 pm
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Isles777</b></div><div>Actually pulock was more of an offensive defenseman before trotz. He was also on pace for 42 points this season. Trotz system doesn’t enhance anything, the coaching isolates have his system having an average impact defensively.

Laine has an elite shot but he also benefits from playing with great players. On another team without multiple talented wingers like WPG has, he might not be as productive.</div></div>

Lmao, trotz’ defensive system is the best in the league hands down. He is the reason they went to the conference finals imo and that same system is why the caps won their cup in the tough year that they did. Pulock is probably a 35-45 pt defensemen when all is said and done, and tbh, I’d rather pay the 1st plus A prospect to get a player like that than pay laine for him lol.

“Laine is surrounded by great players”. He has spent the majority of his careeer playing with little (with whom he has no chemistry) and an alternating group of wingers. He had stafford with him in his rookie year and he still had 36 goals. If laine had a real centre or played with scheifele (without Connor - I’ll get to that later) for more than 20 games a season, I woudl say that’s acccurate but tbh, on even strength, he doesn’t have much support tbh. Especially this past season.

As for what I said with Connor, while Connor - scheifele - laine all produce a lot together I don’t like them together. Connor has a shoot 80% of the time mentality so laine becomes the playmaker on that line which isn’t the best use of his talents but also proves that laine is an all round talent that doesn’t just score goals.

Anyways, my point is that give laine the 1c that he would be playing with on the other 30 teams in the league and he would produce way more. So no, he would not be less productive on other teams

Laine &gt;&gt; pulock. Laine is younger, already worth at least as much as pulock in terms of player impact, and isnt even scratching the surface of his potential yet. Pulock imo is older and is already there imo.

If I’m the jets, I want much more than just pulock of laine. Sure if it was say, laine for Jones that would make much more sense. But pulock is no Jones. Laine will be a top 10 rw in the league if he isn’t already, so I’m sorry but laine &gt;&gt; pulock
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