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Forum: Armchair-GM24 juill. à 12 h 36
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>MisstheWhalers</b></div><div>Yup this is likely what happens, hope Gawanke isn't lost on waivers, think they might have a good RHD there if they give him a damn chance!

Crazy to waste a season which will be a total lame duck with the Dubois drama hanging over the team but there's a good chance that's what they'll do.

Bowness better be a miracle worker cause this team isn't good enough.</div></div>

While I’d like to see gawanke, he’s not ready for the nhl. That said, neither is chisholm, but he got a chance. There’s got to be some sort of friction between him and front office. The kid deserves a shot by now.

I think that chevy did try to do a lot this year (for once), but luck screwed him over. Trotz seemed like a lock until he decided not to coach. Hurt the jets chance at landing a lot of other good guys. That being said, I think they did well with Bowness for what the situation was. He’s seen the jets a lot and probably knows a lot about them. And more importantly, he knows how to shut the jets down. Maybe that helps on offence.

Then you have the Dubois drama. A guy the jets were probably hoping to name their next captain is now making the scheifele comments seem like nothing…

Wheeler will still be moved in my opinion. He just has to be gone right? Like how do you have a culture change with the same leadership?

I wouldn’t be surprised if Chevy goes into training camp with no moves on the backend. But I do expect a d to be moved at latest before December.

Unless perfetti and barron take a step forward, the offence will be much weaker. The jets need to bring someone in. I’m also not convinced with demelo next to JoMo. That pairing gets bullied too much and demelo is a bit of an offensive black hole (he makes a pinch seem like an offensively dynamic play…). Severson is something the jets should really be looking to bring in.