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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Jexus</b></div><div>Dumba is a top pairing RHD (on most teams) which is a hot commodity in the league. Hes only 26 just entering his prime and has perennial 50 point potential and he hasnt even reached his ceiling yet. I think he definitely needs a change of scenery but this trade is a low offering. Logan Stanley reminds me of Taylor Doherty and is likely on a similar career path. Roslovic is a nice piece but i dont think he should be the primary piece.
Id say,
To Jets: Dumba
To Wild: Copp, Veselainen, 3rd.</div></div>

I don’t think the jets will move copp unless they have to. So that’s a no deal. He is our best defensive forward and can play up and down the lineup. I don’t think management will move him. I also think copp, Vesalainen, and a 3rd is an overpayment considering how valuable copp is to the jets.

Also if you are thinking copp is a potential 2c, he’s not. The jets have already tried it more that once. He can handle the minutes in his own end but can’t produce on the 2nd line. Roslovic is a closer bet for that role. If not, he will be better than copp anyway as a rw imo. It’s ok if you decline, but the jets aren’t moving copp since they need him almost as much as they need their top 6 forwards (more sometimes)

I’m not saying he’s not valuable, but teams won’t be giving long term 2c’s for 2 years of dumba imo. Also dumb, while great in the offensive zone, isn’t great defensively and has some major brain farts which brings down his value.

Imo his value is a 1st and an A prospect, though I could be wrong.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Reason</b></div><div>If you don’t know much about that, how can you say you think their ready? Kind of a contradiction, unless I miss understood.

Oli, was in the AHL all year, showed some improvement and had a good showing in camp and the 8 minutes he played during the play in. No one thought he was playing the NHL next year until he made the extended roster for the playoffs and now half the fan base is saying he’s ready.

Rathbone is the best prospect of the 3, likely will develop into a good offensive middle pair. However insiders are split on where he should play next season, some said NHL ready, some said they don’t even think he is currently ready for the AHL next season.

Rafferty had a great AHL season, played decent in his two games of NHL action last year, he’s definitely the most ready in my opinion, but again if you want to be a playoff team that’s a risk to bank on. Your 3 mil for a depth signing can cover either the left or right side, so your still banking on if then panning our.</div></div>

I mean I haven’t seen a lot, but from what I’ve seen, at least julolevi should be a regular for Vancouver. As for rafferty, I think he’s ready too from the little I’ve seen of him. He’s turning 25 so it’s now or never for him.

I think rathbone could benefit from a year in the A.

From what I’ve seen of both rafferty and julolevi, they are both defensively sound and while maybe they don’t play the entire season, I think they should both make the team as 5-7 d. Again, haven’t seen a lot, but from what I’ve seen of them, that’s what I think
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