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13 déc 2017
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There is no situation so bad that it can't be made worse!
Chris Hadfield
Forum: Armchair-GMil y a 20 heures
Forum: Armchair-GMThu at 12:25 am
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Eli</b></div><div>Oh. We're being serious? I was not aware. Thank you.

Should the Leafs have cut bait on Andersen after two backups outplayed him, rather than letting the backups walk? Yes. That would have helped a lot.

Should they have added a spare middle six center with their newfound cap space, before Tavares got hurt? Yes. That would have helped the most.

Should they have used more of Andersen's cap space to sign three UFA defensemen and go all-in before developing Sandin or Liljegren? That could have helped, too. Especially if two of the veteran guys they picked up were giants with some skill. Good call.

Was Hall willing to play outside of his home town of Boston? I don't know, but I agree he made more of an obvious impact in last year's playoffs than Engvall and Mikheyev, or than Nick Foligno.

Would Chicago have traded Strome last summer? Doubt it, but again, he could have stepped up in Tavares' spot and given the team a morale boost, maybe? Not that Kerfoot wouldn't be better there, still.

Should the Leafs have known to sign Verhaeghe rather than Bogosian off of the Lightning? I mean, how do you choose? They probably called both.

Did Sheary do better last year than Boyd? I actually thought Boyd was having a career best start, offensively, and Toronto should have moved him up their lineup, rather than waiving him. Sheary also had a really good year.

But the part I really want to argue with, here, is playing Dermott over Chara. I am so confused about that part.</div></div>

All that typing and you still missed the point.