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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Blazingbat11</b></div><div>You entailing somehow the Kotkaniemi is a bust already? lol

Kotkaniemi's "sophomore slump" is real, but extremely overrated. The two injuries he's had didn't help. but if you actually take a deep look, it's not as bad as many (none Hab fans) claim it to be.
1. Kotkaniemi is still on pace to score more goals than he did in his rookie season, even if he will have played less games. Not to mention his shot output is ridiculously low (even for the amount of games he's played). Joel Armia has been getting praised all season for the amount of goals he's scoring... yet Kotkaniemi still has a better shooting% than he does... If KK would just shoot at the same pace as Armia, he'd have 14g in 35 games...
2. The majority of his assists last season came to feeds he was giving to Byron and Armia, by a large margin. This season Byron has sucked (than got injured) and Armia got promoted to the 2nd line with Domi. KK's main linemates this year have been Weal (Garbage) and Poehling (offensively struggling). Almost every Hab fan here could tell you the amount open nets KK has set up, but with no one to finish.
3. Kotkaniemi's defensive game is underrated, and Julien simply refuses to use him in defensive situations (which doesn't help his development either). Not to mention Julien's general use of KK is just getting frustrating to watch, and time and time again, the only excuse that comes out of Julien as to why he doesn't use him is "he's just a kid", literally no other explanation, every. single. time.

Kotkaniemi still needs to develop, no doubt about it (his transition game for me is his biggest weakness), but he still has off the charts skills, I just think when dealing with players of such high skills, the coach needs to make adjustments on how to best utilize them, Julien has been the complete opposite for the last year or so, where for the first half of last season, he wasn't (where ironically enough, that's when KK thrived, so did Drouin...)

<strong>TL: DR </strong> No Hab fan is worried with KK. He needs to continue to fill out his frame, work on his skating and he'll be just fine.</div></div>

Sounds all good . But you can add his number of assistance (2) in decline ! The fact that at least one injury seem to be faked while his play was abyssal .He's got the worst minus (-12) of all team and have been given the Finns line a good amount of time + regular first gig PP where he play like a sniper in the middle but his (too long) stick isn't even in position .
Talking about that playing a 12 foot pole might be ok on olympics dimension rings but in tight window i don't see him outplay a lot of guys in Nhl .
KK gonna develop into some Martin Hanzal , Mikko Koivu kinda players , but this is down the stretch he's very raw . He's been awful in faceoffs also .
Im not discouraged but i can't help myself and think about Quinn Hugues-Shea Weber or a Domi-Tkachuck duo .
Let's hope it's learning curve for the teenager but a terrible year let's face it . 8 pts in 35 ! But he does look lost on the ice sometimes .
I would have send him to world junior for his own mental sake .
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