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You guys are either playing dumb or don't get how impactful and underrated Coleman has been this season.
Nolan Foote and Van's 1st rounder for Blake Coleman? That's surely a steep price to pay.

BUT after the first, hot take I started thinking about it more rationally and, even though at a steep price, Coleman was the best player the Bolts could have gotten at the deadline.
1) I surely prefer paying an extra for a guy with a contract till 2021 than throw prospects and picks out of the window for a rental. And what a ****ing contract. 1.8M AAV for a player that perfectly replaces Killorn and even adds in term of grit/skill/shot production but for 2.7M less? Sign me up.
2) Nolan Foote and the Van's 1st rounder wouldn't have helped Tampa go on a deep playoff run in the next few year if not by getting traded.
3) Coleman is pretty much unknown to the casual hockey fan, but we (should?!) know what he brings. Being on a 30 goals pace on a dreadful NJ team, while not getting any PP time is insanely good. Tampa adds a skilled forward that makes the best out of the deployment he gets.
4) Coleman has more hits (166) than any Bolts player.
5) His defensive/PK performances are crazy good. Can you imagine having Cirelli and Coleman both on the ice to protect the lead in the final 60 seconds of a game? That's gonna be amazing for Bolts fans, frustrating for opponents.
6) Coleman's shots/60 are second only to Ovie. The guy SHOOTS A TON.
7) Overall his offensive and defensive impact is crazy good.
<img class="for_img" src="" alt="201f6180fecbc9446aa9415202850c46c885f191976c5a4a6cd624bcaf3d32ad.jpg">
8) This move really puts Tampa over the top. Let's ****ing go.
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