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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Zwui21</b></div><div>My first reaction was WTF, but the more I calmly think about this trade, the more I like it.</div></div>

Glad you changed your opinion about the Coleman trade.... i hope you also changed your opinion on Palat and now you can understand finally after 50 games that why is he Cooper's favourite player...
You see afterall in the summer i told ya, he is not that bad :) I'm telling the same about Coleman, i actually kept an eye on him when i watched some random New Jersey games, and i really liked him.
I thought multiple times, can we trade for him. But it looked like they will rather trade other guys first. Like Vatanen,Simmonds etc...
He is really strong + also have some skill! His PK skills are matching Paquette's + Tony's levels.

I'm telling you, it's gonna help us in the playoffs so much. I would before this trade would have given us sub 50% chance vs :capitals: our most likely opponent who destroys us with Wilson,Gudas,Hatheway etc... and the ageless Ovechking with 50+ goals season + Norris candidate Carlson + a super hot Binnington type goalie in Samsonov = <strong>Washington is the real deal this year.</strong>
Now after this trade: we have over 50% chance to beat them, which is a big thing. Don't get fooled by the recent results of this 2018 cup winning team. They are insane. They are only missing 1 good defenseman . If they get it, it's probably 50-50 again. But we can also trade for more players. So then the advantage on our side.
At this moment it's Tampa-Wash conference finals. In the finals i still have no idea who will be there. But those teams are not huge threats except :blues.
If we can get a little bit lucky and avoid only that 1 team, we can win the whole thing. Last year we had no defense so that was a leak, because of the Hedman's injury. But this year fingers crossed Hedman will be full heathy at least 80% of the playoffs = we should be good for a cup final. Or we lose again vs Washington but thats ok... All other teams in the west are bad/ have leaks. On east it's no contest.... I have only 1 dark horse :flyers... so i hope we avoid the 1st round matchup vs them... that's it... other than that we should be good... we will never play like early season like vs :hurricanes / :islanders
Now we can beat them with consistency.
Those types of teams who either missing goaltender/offense/have injured players out for season.
Maybe 1 hard matchup is :penguins with the Zucker trade... but we went 3-0 all 3 close games vs them. So it's not gonna be easy series, but we can beat them like 4-3... which is good enough... you need one or two 4-3(or 4-2) series before the finals anyways to be ready...
Anyways things looks good... let's hope the injury bug avoid us, then we should be good for a super deep run... I'm already hyped for a playoffs run... just no 0-4 sweep pls again... that was painful... losing 3-4 still hurts, but 0-4 ouch... i don't want to experience that again... :(

8% shooting percentage + 0.920 SV% + under 2.5GAA (current streak Vasy has like under 0.930 &amp; 2.0 GAA but i know you can't keep up those numbers long run)all we need for the Stanley-Cup. With Coleman the 8% is far more easier. He scored 20! From dirty areas and on 5v5.
We need to give a little rest to Vasi, then he can give us with a good defensive system the 0.920 SV%, then we should be in good shape for whole playoffs...
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