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I encourage all hate comments and reserve the right to laugh at each and everyone of them. My top 5 favorite hockey players 1. Ziggy Palffy 2. Drew Doughty 3. Peter Forsberg 4. Wayne Gretzky 5. Marty McSorely.
Forum: Armchair-GMil y a 16 heures
Forum: Armchair-GMil y a 16 heures
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>justaBoss</b></div><div>Literally my last sentence - not denying it was good, but giving such high expectations for the guy for a relatively good period of 10 games is just naive.

As for Sergachev playing for the Kings, his value might be tad lower than it currently is in Tampa, but by the same token the Kings as a team would likely be better, because their D would get MASSIVELY better. Currently I think their LHDs are the worst in the league. Sergachev would make it exponentially better. Also take into consideration that Vilardi would've never made his 10 game debut in a solid team of Tampa - and thus the only thing you've currently based his value on would've never happened. And this is exactly why this flipping of situation never works - the circumstances change too.

For the sake of argument, let's compare the guy to a completely random C prospect that debuted last year, Alex True for instance.

Vilardi scored
- 25 points in AHL in 32 games
- 7 points in NHL in 10 games

True scored
- 25 points in AHL in 40 games
- 4 points in NHL in 12 games

Vilardi's numbers are better, but not by a huge amount. The numbers between these players are somewhat comparable to each other. Yet absolutely no one considers True to be a TOP6 F, a prospect with that kind of potential or even an actual NHL player for that matter. Why would Vilardi be considered something like that with relatively comparable numbers then?

My stance is still the same. Vilardi is a potential C prospect, but as of now he's still nothing but a prospect, and he should be valued thusly. For a young established NHL D-man I consider a TOP6 prospect and a first rounder to be a relatively normal price.</div></div>

When you take into account how long Vilardi didn't play hockey or even train/workout before those AHL games it might make you wonder how much better those numbers would be if he wasn't injured and had been doing that... Vilardi was a projected top 5 pick and slip mostly because of his skating. He would have made the team that year had he not been injured.

I'm not going to go back and fourth about numbers and whether or not Vilardi is a 2C when you are 100% capable of watching him yourself and watch how he carried himself and his complete two way game against other top 6 NHL players.

To say Vilardi is nothing, but a prospect is "naive" especially coming from a numbers guy who doesn't watch hockey. Vilardi is the Kings 2C, he was the last 10 games and he will be next year. He performed like a 2C and he will again and we have evidence from last season to be confident he will do so again. Most people also have him as a Calder finalist, but nevermind that.

<a href="/users/tkecanuck341" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener">@tkecanuck341</a> I would love to hear your insight on this if you'd be willing to share.
Forum: Armchair-GMil y a 17 heures
Forum: Armchair-GMil y a 17 heures
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>justaBoss</b></div><div>You make it sound like that a tad under 40 point season for a D is somehow disappointing...

He was playing that role for 10 games. I wouldn't call any player with that low experience truly a TOP6 forward - with the exception of franchise level talent such as Laffy ofc.

Here's the thing though - Sergachev is 22 and has made near into a top line role in the best team in the league by far with over 200 game experience. Vilardi is 21 and has barely made his debut in one of the weakest teams in the league. There's a gigantic difference in there.

I'm not denying that Vilardi's 10 game stint was good, but making an assumption that he's a clear cut TOP6 C in any team based on that is just naive. It's gonna look just hilariously stupid if the next 10 game stint of his is not so good, if that is the only needed sample data that makes you a solid TOP6 C.</div></div>

Just look at what you just said. A 10 game stint on the worst team in the league where he was almost a point per game ON THE WORST TEAM IN THE LEAGUE. Players don't just play 18+ mins a game in a 2C role on a terrible team and do that good and fail after that. All the evidence to suspect Vilardi will continue to be a good 2C is there. Sorry im not letting you discount what he's done in order to claim Sergachev is worth both him AND a 1st.

So let's flip the two and pretend Sergachev was on the Kings the last 3 years, would his value be as high as you are claiming and would he have been as productive on a league bottom team? Absolutely not.

Sergachev is a great player and everybody on here knows I love him, but you are overselling the crap out of him to justify what you claimed he is worth and I'm not falling for it.

Good day sir.