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11 avr. 2021
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Sujet: thoughts
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Dekes</b></div><div>chychrun was a 1D last season for sure, he has a struggled big time this season and with the roster he will have around him for the next few years he will probably continue to struggle therefore decreasing his value. Arizona isn't a big name team that draws free agents so that's out of the question they will have to build through the draft which also takes time it would be different if ari had a bunch of A level prospects in the pipeline like buffalo and La and ottawa but ari has 1 in guenther even if you get wright. wright, guenther and chychrun aren't enough to turn a franchise around. It is also arizona there really isn't much special about that state other then hot weather but still it is a retirement home and has one of the smallest fan bases in the league atleast if you were in like LA, Florida, San jose, Anaheim you got hot weather, good fan bases, bigger sports cities, and for young atleast probably have a lot more to offer to them in terms of entertainment and activites to do. I honestly believe if bill armstrong went up to chychrun today and asked him if he would prefer to be traded elsewhere he would 100% say yes</div></div>

Arizona is a pretty popular winter home destination… if the yotes were good it would be a prime free agent destination. Chychrun’s numbers were dragged down by unsustainable shooting percentages against while on the ice, and low shooting percentage for while on ice. He’s got 4 points in his last 5, his struggles are definitely exaggerated by people who simply check to box score. Sure if you ask him if he wants to be traded, he likely says yes, but who cares? He doesn’t have a NMC, he can’t force anything at all. He would receive a fortune at the draft, it’s also not a 1 year rebuild, it’s a 3-4 year process. Say you move him to LA, you get a top 10 pick which can be used on nemec or jiricek, you get a 23 1, and you get Turcotte. Now your rebuild could be started with Wright, guenther, nemec/jiricek, Turcotte, plus your other 2 1st round picks and 5 2nd round picks. It’s not as bad or as desperate as you’re making it out to be
Forum: Armchair-GM23 nov. à 18 h 13
Sujet: thoughts
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Dekes</b></div><div>just wondering though what does for you guys though? like no offence but arizona is in one of the worst situation's i have ever seen, and i wouldn't be surprised if in a year or 2 you see chychrun pulling an eichel like situation and forcing himself out for cheap. just because arizona gets a top 5 pick for the next 3-5 years doesn't mean anything for your future look how many top picks for edmonton to translate any success it wasn't till mcdavid that edmonton truely started to get good. like hall, yakupov waste of picks considering the return for hall and what yakupov became, nurse and nuge it took mcdavid for them to blossom into stars even drai he is one hell of a player but without mcdavid does he reach the level he is at now. you guys may get wright and bedard but i don't know if they are mcdavid caliber players they might play as good as him in juniors but the thing is every year mcdavid proves more and more why is the best first he averages 1ppg then its 1.2 then 1.5 then 1.75 then 2ppg guys like that don't come around often, players of that skill are 1 in a generation he will go down as the elite group like Orr, Gretzky, Lemiux, Lindstrom, crosby who could almost single handedly turn a franchise around and that's what it will take for arizona to even get close to being decent again. so im opinion i think for the better of your franchise you try to acquire all the pieces you can get rather just 1 solid player. people say quality over quantity but it takes quantity for a team to have success</div></div>

Chychrun is a 1D signed at $4.6m for 3 more years after this, with no NMC like eichel, and he’s healthy. They have absolutely no need to sell him and will only do it for multiple 1sts, one of which has to be a top 10 pick. Also an A level prospect like lysell or Turcotte. 1D’s signed for $9-$9.5 this offseason, every team in the league would be in on those trade talks driving the price up to ridiculous levels