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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>PLDGEY</b></div><div>Im in the crowd that you rebuild until youve got a chance. Wasting time not taking assets for bad cap (thanks melnyk), and blowing draft picks on major reaches means that you dont get to rebuild quickly.

Hes hard to replace, but not impossible, and imho the difficulty in replacing him is offset by the returns he would net us.</div></div>

It's ok if you have this opinion but from my experience, moves like this is exactly why some teams seem to be in a perpetual rebuild or in spinning wheels mode, not able to take another step into contention. Having guys like Formenton, Brown, Pageau, Danault on your 3rd line is how you build a winner. Recycling players that just arrived at maturity for futures forces you to rebuild longer or stay mediocre/bad

So what happens to Chabot and Batherson in 4-5 years when they'll be near 30 y/o? Trade them for futures? Ok so how many Cups will the Sens win during the next 4 seasons? The answer is most likely ZERO

That's how you never end up winning.

Edit : and replace Brown is maybe possible but if you successfully do, great but you're still a bottom-5 team if all the other things stay equal. The thing is we need to improve this roster A LOT. Trading Connor Brown for a 1st round pick and a 2nd (for example) doesn't guarantee that at all, maybe in 4 years down the road? Ok but other players will "age" by then and will be Connor's age... So what do we do?

Do you start seeing what I see?
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>NHLfan10506</b></div><div>I wasn't intending to diminish Sokolov at all. I had him just outside my <a href="https://www.capfriendly.com/armchair-gm/team/2976967">top-100 prospects</a>. JBD was at #51.
I was just simplifying the trade to "JBD and a 1st"... But obviously that 1st will be too high if season ended today, which is why I said "or similar".

I think Devils end up keeping Severson anyway.</div></div>

Not that I thought that you were diminishing Sokolov but you didn't mention him and said that Murray was the "centerpiece of a deal for Severson"

And thanks for the link, always enjoy looking at these lists

So that return is not that bad according to your rankings... the 51st best prospect, another guy just outside your top-100 and a 2nd round round that is in fact an early 2nd round pick, which is not far from the value of a late 1st round pick... Sokolov MORE THAN MAKE UP FOR that difference...

That being said, not interested in making this deal anyway. I'll keep the young RD on his ELC and the 21 y/o AHL top-6 forward, plus the early pick where they'll get another Jarventie/Sogaard caliber prospect

Oh and where is Pinto? He's born after 2000 and will be eligible for the Calder next year. This is (approx) how Sens fans would rank our prospects at the moment :

1- Jake Sanderson (you have him 2nd)
2- Shane Pinto (Not ranked)
3- Ridly Greig (you have him 83rd, he should be much higher than JBD to be honest)
4- Jacob Bernard-Docker (you have him 51st)
5- Mads Søgaard (Not ranked)
6- Roby Järventie (you have him 91st)
7- Lassi Thomson (Not ranked)
8- Filip Gustavsson (Not eligible)
9- Egor Sokolov (you said you have him just outside the top-100)
10- Tyler Kleven (Not ranked, but I see you have him as an Honorable Mention)
11- Tyler Boucher (you have him at 70th but most Sens fans don't have him in our top-10 at the moment)
12- Angus Crookshank (very underrated but still shouldn't be top-100, tier cut-off between Boucher and him)
13- Viktor Lodin
14- Leevi Merilainen
15- Zack Ostapchuk
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