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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Riddick19</b></div><div>That is ludicrous to think his mind was made up. DeBrincat even hinted he was willing to stay but wanted a massive payday. Dorion believed he would be able to get him signed. Sometimes that's the risk you have to take. Like I said, if this team had a coach that was semi-decent at teaching a defensive structure? We wouldn't be anywhere near where we are in the standings. So most of his moves weren't bad, but became sour with one main decision he refused to acknowledge. One mistake makes many of his moves look worse than they really were.</div></div>
Of course the decision to stick with DJ the whole rebuild hurt everything else but Dorion has made more blunders than any GM I have ever seen

What we have left for

Mika Zibanejad + 33rd OA in 201 + 64th OA in 2018 is ----&gt; Jacob Bernard-Docker

Mark Stone is ----&gt; Erik Brannstrom + Egor Sokolov

Kyle Turris + 4th OA in 2019 + 28th OA in 2017 + 63rd OA in 2019 is ----&gt; Lassi Thomson

Mike Hoffman + 126th OA in 2020 is ----&gt; Philippe Daoust

7th OA in 2022 + 39th OA in 2022 + 2024 3rd round pick (OTT) is ----&gt; 2024 1st round pick (BOS) + 2024 4th round pick (DET) + Donovan Sebrango

10th OA in 2021 is ----&gt; Tyler Boucher

Ryan Dzingel + 212th OA in 2019 + 76th OA in 2023 + 2024 7th round pick (OTT) + 25% retention on Murray AAV is ----&gt; absolutely nothing

Cody Ceci + Ben Harpur + 44th OA in 2023 + 2026 4th round pick (OTT) is ----&gt; 2024 2nd round pick (WSH)

And we're not even talking about the 1st round pick we'll have to forfeit because of the Dadonov situation and all the other blunders

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