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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>The_Rocket</b></div><div>Thatcher Demko was 3rd in the NHL in 5v5 save percentage last year plying behind the Canucks defence. This year he has been injured most of the season.

The idea that his contract is “risky” is insane. He is a quality starter and a good cap hit. Zaitsev is an AHL defenseman making 4.5 million

Not comparable in the slightest</div></div>


Demko was 17th in GSAx

Hopefully I won't have to explain why advanced stats and what does it means but this is the adjustment for QoT and QoC and a wide variety of factors to evaluate shot against quality.

Forsberg was 14th and Matt Murray was 18th. Having Demko wouldn't have changed anything for Ottawa last season.

This season, they could have had Gustavsson (4th) and Forsberg (9th) but Dorion gonna Dorion so he traded the 24 y/o goalie for a less talented 35 y/o UFA-to-be goalie

I am ready to take a chance on Demko based on his frame and talent level but his contract is much riskier than Zaitsev, no idea how you could think otherwise. I am goalie and I can certify that injuries are a big factor. We have no idea what the future holds for Demko

If Anton Forsberg had a 3 years at 5.0 AAV, you would say that it's a dump contract but in the reality, Forsberg has easily been better than Demko the last 2 seasons overall. He's also (knock on wood) fully healthy

I am ready to give you more insight and explanation if needed.

<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>athrin</b></div><div>much like all fans who think they will get Mcdavids and Makars for their p[layers your delusional if you think Demko is going to return anything close to what you think he is worth, G are worth the least in the NHL for the simple reason that one year they can the vezina and then suddenly be AHL quality for the remainder of their careers, nucks will be lucky to even get a first for him</div></div>

The reason why goalies don't have as much value on the market as skaters is because there's only 32 starting jobs to fill. The need for a quality back-up is getting higher but still, supply and demand, exactly like the rest of the world works

The exception for goalies would be the elite ones that teams are zero interested in trading like Vasi, Sorokin or Shesterkin.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>VGKNation702</b></div><div>I could very well see us trading for Formenton, but he doesn’t hold much if any value. A 3rd at the absolute most. The problem is you have Whitecloud going back the other way which just doesn’t happen. Not for anything less than a first +</div></div>

He currently has ZERO value because of the Team Canada scandal situation hanging over his head. We don't know if he's guilty but it's impossible to not be suspicious as he's the only RFA not in the NHL this season. And it's not because of a contract dispute or a separation with the team as pretty much every team would have traded for him in different circumstances

If his name gets cleared, then he has pretty significant value again. No team will be able to get him for a 3rd if that happens.

Before the scandal, Sens fans wouldn't have traded him for anything less than a Top-15 pick, some were even saying a top-10 pick (a guy with NHL scouting experience notably)

Formenton shouldn't be proposed in ACGMs, it's just not realistic right now. I have no idea why people keep throwing him. Must be some kind of ignorance regarding the situation

So it's impossible for people to say if Formenton for Whitecloud would make sense as people judgment is heavily influenced by the context

Any team giving an asset to trade for him would be stupid (potential PR nightmare too)

Ottawa would be as stupid to trade him now (lowest value possible) unless they were offered a very good asset. Might as well wait and see what happens.
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