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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Richard88</b></div><div>I disagree. Bonino would make a big difference to our middle 6. Right now Bellemare is effectively our 3C as Compher's line gets less ice time, and even got benched in the last 10 minutes two games ago.

The 4th line has been our 2nd best line at 5v5 in terms of xG/60. Unfortunately they've been unable to finish chances though, but they're at least a net positive in terms of possession which is what you want from your 4th line.

The issue is the 2nd line, with Saad a -7 and Kadri a -6 through 5 games; along with the 3rd line which is anonymous. We have 0 goals at 5v5 from the bottom 3 lines through 5 games (Donskoi's goal was 1 second after the PP expired, and Saad's goal was on a shift with Mackinnon).

A lot of players are clearly in a funk to start the season, but some of these issues go back to last season. We really need a 3C in a big way.

That said, going back to talking trades, I wouldn't trade a 1st for Bonino. Probably the only 3C I would trade a 1st for would be Danault, but the way Montreal are playing he won't be available until he's an UFA, and then we'll get priced out as he wants 2C money.

We are now in our cup window though, and with a huge pile of futures at our disposal it's time to start getting a bit more aggressive than simply sticking to moves like a 4th for Namestnikov, or a 3rd for Brassard.</div></div>

I don’t disagree with being aggressive, but if you are going to be aggressive be aggressive and use those assets to add top 6 talent. Teams that waste top resources on the bottom 6 aren’t long for the roll of contender. If you can’t ease in hone grown talent to populate your bottom 6 with inexpensive talent hopefully like Kaut, Bowers, Kovalenko, Foudy, Mutula then your spending resources to improve an area that is significantly less impactful.
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