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4 aoû 2020
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18 avr 1989
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Sujet: Sorry Avs
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Jimbo1119</b></div><div>Chris Kreider I believe is also good on face offs- but he is by no means a C...Lots of people seem to place a lot of emphasis on faceoff %....I'm not saying it's totally irrelevant- for instance Chytl does have to get better if he has any ambitions to be a 2C in this league- but other things are so much more important...vision, reads, and anticipation on the ice, and defensive assignments- just to name a few. All in all I think the Landeskog move is a bad idea- lot of money and term to a guy with mileage on him. Deals like this will create a narrow contention window and most likely a buyout situation a few years from now...NO THANKS. Much better use of their capspace for this year is to weaponize it...lots of teams will be looking to clear out 4-6M in cap space this year- and I doubt Seattle helps any of them out...if the Rangers play their cards right here they may obtain a useful 3rd or 4th liner (which they need for the short term anyway) and in the process gain additional picks in the loaded 2022 draft.</div></div>

The most faceoffs Kreider has ever taken in a season is 120. In the past four years the least amount of faceoffs Landeskog has taken was 418, with the most being 693. This year Landeskog was 2nd on the Avs in faceoffs taken. It's not so much his faceoff percentage as it is the sheer amount of faceoffs he's taken that make me believe he's played center for at least a handful of games per season, and it's not just "set plays in the offensive zone" the Avs fan said it was.
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Sujet: Sorry Avs