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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Howie</b></div><div>Remember it needs to beat the rental offer and that 2023 first is a real boost to getting PLD for 7 years at a cheaper cap hit than if waiting for ufa. The get the benefit of ensuring PLD and getting him now for an affordable rate can be vital into the future on a deal with term. PLD is also a more established player in his own right with multiple seasons being a top 6 center while dach had injuries and bottom 6 time. There has to be some premium asset the jets get for him like the 17th over pick kidney kapanen and dvorak doesn't seem like that farfetched of an offer and makes sense all around</div></div>

I agree it needs to beat the rental offer. That’s not hard to do though. What I proposed above is a way to sign effectively a 9 year deal (to lower the cap hit). None of that likely matters though as Winnipeg’s best option will likely be to take the Habs’ package.

Right now the Florida pick would be 14oa. The Habs are rebuilding, which is why they would pay a 13oa for a player with 5 RFA years left in Dach. Hughes knew what he was getting. Apparently Chicago didn’t know what they were giving up. But it’s Hughes who matters for PLD, not Chicago. And there’s no other team in the league that is paying anywhere close to 14oa in this years deep draft for PLD. So that’s also likely moot.

If Winnipeg plays hardball, they’re getting a weak rental price (late first rounder) plus meh whatever else from a team who knows he won’t sign there long term, and no valuable roster C who can play now.
Kidney, Kapanen, Dvorak, and an early second rounder is nothing to sneeze at.
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