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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Campabee</b></div><div>His ceiling is higher than Romanov you should check out some of his highlights he almost pulled off a Lacross type goal but didn't get the puck quite high enough over the goalies shoulder. If you are going to propose trades for another team perhaps check out what you are trading before you post.</div></div>

I do this for fun. How many people honestly form a full research project for each thread. Some ideas work, some don't. I know what I'm getting into making habs threads as a generic 4th liner is treated as gold and a mid tier prospect is somehow better than most other teams best prospect - many of the fans sill see an attempt lacross style goal and immediately label them as an elite talent. But, who am I to say - I don't see Romanov as any better than a #4 defenseman. I want to see him play NHL hockey before I take the words of the fans alone.

I understand how there might be a troll mentality, but you have to see it both ways. The amount of ridiculous trades MTL fans make robbing other teams is frustrating for all the other fanbases. I think you have a pretty decent reputation in staying level headded relative to some of the other AGM MTL fans.

I'm here to translate ideas to paper. I like Henriques fit, I have a sense of his value, and I interpreted this Norlinder guy about what Guhle is on the ducks. Won't claim to have knowledge I don't, nor do I want people to read into these threads as if I am a professional scout. Just a casual fan posting on what should be a casual website.