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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>tsyls</b></div><div>That’s my counter to Anderson for Dubois LOL.

A fair trade with Dubois to MTL probably does include Suzuki. But that’s a non starter for habs fans. Think both teams are set heading into the season though.

I 100% see a bounce back season in the making for Dubois. Such a weird situation that he had to go through. While some of it was his own fault, there was a lot he couldn’t control like quarantine and the injury.

I agree if he has another meh year, you likely part ways to the highest bidder. Especially if Perfetti has an excellent season in the AHL. Would also like to see the Jets explore some sort of prospect swap with Heinola, Jets blue line is set for the next 4 years or so, maybe some room on the bottom pair but besides that it’s pretty locked in. Maybe swap Heinola for a F prospect that can replace wheeler in 1-2 years. I have an odd feeling wheeler is going to struggle a lot this year. Think Father Time is catching up to him a bit early.</div></div>


dont know what the plan is with Heinola.. heck i don't even think Maurice knows

i agree with Chevy's additions of Dillon/Schmidt.. the core is in their prime and we simply cant wait till Heinola/Stanley match their impact on the game

but dont agree with trading him... his 3 year ELC hasn't even started yet, and Stanley has 2 years left

what i see happening is Maurice juggling those 7 players

and Heinola

to build a competitive defense corps, with the odd man out either healthy scratch, flipped for cap space/forward depth or in Heinola's case AHL

as for Wheeler... yeah hes getting old, hopefully he has another couple of decent seasons left, as for his replacement...
we have Vesalainen, Lucius, Chibrikov all on the right side

as well as this dude... Dmitri Rashevsky

drafted this year, (20 year old kid) right winger late bloomer
had very strong preseason in the KHL
and right now has 7 points in 4 games there
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Windjammer</b></div><div>Wait, I thought you didn't want to include the defensemen? If we include them it's worse for Winnipeg. The most valuable defenseman above is Schmidt and the most valuable forward is Dubois, so the Jets are losing on both counts there.

So, if we look at what the Jets are getting we have Marchessault a 31 year old winger that just serves to get in the way of Perfetti and Lucius, so he brings nothing that Winnipeg needs. Karlsson who gets a lot of points just from being the only decent center Vegas has (using your Dubois reasoning here) and even if you thing he's slightly better, he isn't enough of an improvement that he will make a difference or make up for being 5 years older. Stephenson is a 3C at best and Lowry is better, so that would make him a 4C.
Whitecloud is 24 and while an RD just looks to be a capable bottom pairing guy, I can't see him progressing to a top 4 guy at his age. Hague is a run of the mill, bottom pairing LD and isn't worth picking up to block Samberg and Heinola. So, he also adds no value for Winnipeg.

While the Jets are giving up Dubois, who cost them Laine and was brought in to solve the Jets long term problems as a 1bC or 2C, Schmidt who Vegas got rid of and that the Jets have been chasing for 2 years. Beaulieu who's worthless and Smith who is a question mark.

So, when you look at it like that from a team needs and future plans perspective you can see why Winnipeg wouldn't consider it. They make a short term lateral move at center and block 2 high end forward prospects with a winger they don't need. Plus, take an established top 4 defenseman and replace him with two bottom pairing guys, one of which (Hague) blocks two prospects that either are better already in Heinola's case or likely will be better in Samberg's case.

There's just no incentive for Winnipeg to give up a young center that they've been trying to find since 2018.</div></div>
First, I never said I didn't want to include the defensemen, I only said that I don't see an issue with trading recently acquired players in an ACGM. I'm not Chevy, so I don't have any qualms with moving players he acquired for his plan in favor of my plan. I would say Hague is the most valuable defenseman above, closely followed by Schmidt, but Whitecloud isn't too far behind. Beaulieau, as you said, is worthless and really just cap fodder in this trade. I'll agree that the most valuable forward is Dubois, but Marchessault and Karlsson are both close, and definitely better players right now in my opinion.

Aren't Perfetti and Lucius centers? I don't see how Marchessault gets in their way as he primarily plays the wing (and is a legitimately useful top 6 forward). I never said Dubois got a lot of points from being the only decent center on his team, I'm saying that the fact he was playing center that high in the lineup when he wasn't ready for that kind of responsibility was a problem, and may have hindered his development. I also don't see how Karlsson being the best center on the Knights is somehow a knock against the credibility of his point totals? His best season was before Pacioretty and Stone, and he's played between 18:40 and 18:52 ATOI for all four of his seasons with the Knights, so I don't see how things like ice time or good linemates (common among top centers) have given him a lot of his points. I strongly believe that Karlsson is better than Dubois right now. Points, defense, discipline, faceoffs. He's better than Dubois in all of these categories, which are highly valued in NHL centers. And Stephenson is in no way a 3C <em>at best</em>, he's been getting better and better each season and was in the top 100 for points in 20-21. Hague is no run-of-the-mill defenseman. He's only 22, selected 34th overall in 2017 (4th in his draft class in d-man scoring btw), and he's been a great two-way defenseman so far in his career, really good defensively in fact. Oh, he's also <em>6'6</em>. He's only a month older than Samberg and has accumulated 28 points in 90 games to Samberg's 0 of each. I'm not saying Samberg is a bad prospect, I'm saying Hague is better and has proven himself at the NHL level. Heinola should be better than Hague once he develops (he's a top prospect, after all), but I think there's a bigger problem on your hands if your best defensive prospect isn't proving that he should be in the lineup over what you call a "run of the mill, bottom pairing LD". You're seriously undervaluing other team's assets.


I see that you're focusing on the future a lot in your responses, and as a Red Wings fan, I totally understand. What I see in Winnipeg, though, is a great team that's oh so close to the Stanley Cup. The core is hitting its prime. However, Stastny and Wheeler are getting older. Copp may be leaving. Teams dream of having this kind of roster, full of great players playing at the peak of their game, backstopped by a Vezina winner and led by a core that's hungry for a cup. My instinct is to push for it, even if some futures must be expended to get there. Blake Wheeler was traded by the Bruins to the Thrashers in 2011, in the middle of his third season in the league. That June, he saw the Bruins lift the Stanley Cup. All Boston got for Wheeler was Rich Peverley, a 29-year-old second-line center. He only played three more seasons in the league, while Wheeler still plays to this day. The Bruins don't care, because they won hockey's biggest prize. That's what it's all about. GMs can focus on the future all they want, but sometimes they have to look down at their team and realize that they have a real chance to win it all. That's when you go for it, and while it isn't a guarantee it'll work, it's always worth a try.

Anyways, now's the time that we both realize that this is all about an ACGM and that it doesn't really matter.
That's enough essays for me tonight lol