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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>TooMalevolent</b></div><div>Lol Bratt is a fine player, but will not play in the leafs top 6, even with a Marner trade, and Vatanen is a UFA that is overated. Leafs got a better RD and forward in the Kadri trade. We are talking about Marner here. Boqvist is a good piece, but not the upside leafs would look for. Truth is any Marner trade talk starts with Hughes, which of course NJ says no. And then it moves to a reasonably discussion that starts with Hischier +, which I imagine NJ does not want as well. Truth is they just are not good trading partners- they would not want to give up anything that the leafs would desire in a Marner trade. And all of this just does not matter because Marner would never take 10.5 at full term. And if he did want to, leafs would have done it yesterday. In the end, only way devils get Marner is with an "aggressive" offer sheet. Which he most likely does not sign because he wants to stay in Toronto.</div></div>

Bratt has POTENTIAL to be a top 6. I didn't say he already is. Not even in NJ. If I were Devils GM I wouldn' trade Hischier and trade Hughes would be insane. Hughes is considered the best prospect since McDavid. Even better than Matthews and Eichel. We'll see if he'll confirm the expectations...as for Marner, if I were him I'd wanna stay as well. But the fact is he can't. As I said, sign him will put Toronto in a cap hell situation for many many years. They must trade him or let him go for a offer sheet.
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