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25 jui 2017
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Wild du Minnesota
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Panthers de la Floride
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>TanSor</b></div><div>Trading for Tolvanen has become a dream of mine. He's a left shot but holy moly this guy's shot is unreal. We need a sniper, and Tolvanen satisfies that and then some.

Zucker is such a great fit in Edmonton IMO. He has the speed to keep up with McDavid, as you pointed out, and he could score in bunches with him. I'm not very high on Puljujarvi but I do think he could benefit in a change in scenery (much like Nino did on NYI when we traded for him).

Mcleod has been on my radar since he was drafted. His speed is top notch and has a very competitive nature. He's been slower to develop but I still think he has top 6 upside and he's 2nd in points on an awful Binghamton Devils team. He could flourish in Iowa with more talent.

I agree about your Winnipeg idea, but I was just trying to go for prospects here over picks. My preferred prospect is Roslovic, but I don't think he's available so I settled for Appleton (who is also a solid player).</div></div>

Yeah going after Roslovic would be amazing but I think they would only trade for a guy like stone and Duchene but like you stated Appleton is still a solid player and Puljujarvi can still become a very good I just think Edmonton kinda screwed it up they first should’ve sent him down to the minors like how Minnesota did with Granlund when he came over to learn the Noth America game and Tolvanen as such a good shot if we could get him and then when Kaprizov arrives would be insane
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