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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>TanSor</b></div><div>Honestly there's only two players I'd want us to potentially sign: Point and Erik Karlsson. The four 1st round picks would be worth it to offer sheet Point, especially if our pick is a top 10 pick this year (which we wouldn't have to give up since the signing period is after the draft). Having Point and one of Hughes, Cozens, Turcotte, Dach, or Zegras as your 1-2 punch would be incredible (at least on paper), especially with Kaprizov on their wing. Of course, Point would actually have to sign the offer sheet. I'm a little less keen on Karlsson since he would cost a lot of money, but he's an elite offensive talent on the blue line and he'd make Spurgeon expendable so we could move him for a very large return. A lot of people on here may not know how good Spurge is, but scouts definitely do since they actually watch Wild games. In Russo's mailbag today someone mentioned Nylander and Russo offered that Toronto would be interested in Spurgeon, I would be ecstatic if we could make a deal revolving around these two.

Nelson is kind of more of the same for us to me: a two-way guy that is a left shot center. William Karlsson had a magical season last year but I'm not sure he has it in him to do it again. He's a great 2C on a contender, but not a guy I'd want as a 1C for the long-term.</div></div>

I agree you with if we could sign Erik Karlsson on defense with Dumba would be such a great 1-2 punch on defense and as you stated if we offersheet Point and Draft Cozens, Dach, or Turcotte would be an insane 1-2 punch on forward and defense
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