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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>WhoCares_ItsAFantasyGame</b></div><div>NOW THAT'S FUNNY!!

Marchessault played 56 total NHL games (incl. Series) during his first 3 NHL years, 20 pts total. He played 7 series games in two years for 1 pt (a pass).

Caufield in his 3 first years in played 143 games (incl. series) and brought in 96 pts (incl. series). He played 20 series games and put up 12 pts.. in his first year..

Last year, his 4th on a team being rebuilt, Caufield got 65pts in 29 games and a -4, Marchessault, his 11th year on a cup contending team, got 69pts in 82 games and a -2..

Caufield is 23 and in full development, which means learning to play big, get into those corners and gain some weight for taking hits.
Marchessault is 33 and fully developed and as learned how and most important when to get into those corners.

Caulfield's 4th year in: 81 games 65pts and -4
Habs Record 23-24: 30-36-16 (76 points), 8th in NHL Atlantic Division

Marchessault's 4th year in: 75 games, 51pts and -21
Panthers Record: 35-36-11 (81 points), Finished 6th in NHL Atlantic Division

You say that they are not the same kind, but can you even figure out what you are comparing? You're talking about a guy who is 33 and learned to play big, vs a guy who's just in the league, 4 years in

So comparing Caufield to Marchessault at their start shows that both aren't playing big, but Caufield as one hell of a head's start and would even be considered better than Marchessault at the same time in their careers. Saying he's not going to be like Marchessault is funny, because in the end, he's got a full head start over Marchy and can most likely become that guy who can go into corners, make plays and not just a sniper. Players learn over time when and how to get in there, coaches may be advising him to steer clear of that type of play until he learns how to do it efficiently without being injured.</div></div>

you think caufield is gonna start getting stronger physically? heck, since he got paid he started partying and his physical shape has worsen. His mind is elsewhere right now. Booze and puck bunnies is where its at for him right now.