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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>GMBL</b></div><div>2m retention for 4 years and paying 1.75m/yr in salaries (7m total) just to free up 6m in cap + what will probably be a mediocre package, they would be better off just keeping him, trading Meier's, and using that retention slot to try moving out Karlsson if some team is willing to take him at 9.5m lol (or 8.625m).

Karlsson at 2m retention for 4 years would result in paying him ~1.63m/yr in salaries (~6.5m total) but freeing up 9.5m. If it's 2.875m retention (25% of the contract like on Couture's) would be 2.875m/yr retention, paying him 2.375m/yr in salaries (9.5m total), and freeing up 8.625m in cap space vs just 6m. Retaining on Karlsson's contract is probably better than on Couture's.

Vlasic at 33% for the last 3 years of his contract would free up 4.69m in cap and cost 6.5m in total salaries, he would be 36-38, and probably the least valuable player to contribute. If they are trying to do a quick rebuild/retool trying to move him might make sense, but with his NMC and his age and at 4.69m, he would probably be significantly harder to move than the previous two. If they are going for a 5-year rebuild, might as well let his contract expire on the books, using the retention spot to move Karlsson would be the move, he has a NMC and said he wants to stay so if that's still true, then Couture is the only option.

I see SJ headed into a rebuild (short or long) so freeing up cap may not be a priority but rather moving out players contracts to avoid paying their full salaries plus acquiring assets.</div></div>

The reason I want Meier to stay over Couture is because Meier will still be a very good player in 5 years, but Couture could be out of the league by then. Buffalo is his hometown team, and I think he would consider a move there. He would be way more moveable with retention that Karlsson, his injury history makes him almost untradable.

Vlasic isn't going anywhere unless bought out, he has repeatedly stated that he has no intention of waiving to go anywhere else, under any circumstance.

Some posters above said Buffalo would do Couture at $2m retained for a 1st, I think that is a slam dunk. $3m retained is almost certainly a deal as well. I don't know much about Buffalos prospect pool, but I would be open to taking back a blue chip prospect instead of the 2023 first, that would accelerate the rebuild even more.
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