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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Super_Randy</b></div><div>My argument is that someone said CBJ is interested in C and RD. So my point was if that is the case, trading back does not hurt the chances of getting RD and/or center. It actually improves the chances. And to say the other two "barely get noticed"....okay and your point is ? Gallagher was a 5th round pick, Sebastian Aho was a 2nd round pick, Nikita Kucherov a 2nd round pick, Patrice Bergeron was a 2nd round pick......I can keep going. I think you both are what some fans called "Horseblinded" by your own team. Nail Yakupov was a 1st overall pick and at the time had high praise and "oozed potential"........he plays 3rd line minutes in the KHL now.........</div></div>
While you're correct w/r/t team positional needs in particular, in general we are looking for higher-quality prospects as well; we've got plenty of prospect depth and are hoping to swing for some of the "maybe they will, maybe they won't" types with the second pick (think the Lamberts and Mintyukovs and Nazars and the like). There's a pretty strict restriction on what Kekalainen will trade those 1sts for; he's gone public with it.

Yes, good things can happen with later picks. That doesn't mean we want more later picks in exchange for our better ones. The proposal you made here is a decent enough effort to be sure, and if we were lacking prospect depth in general it'd be well worth it, but that's not the case right now and we just don't want to trade down without a substantial return. Then couple that with us having real problem with particular arrogant O6 fans trying to mansplain to us what our team would and would not do as though we're poor newcomer fools who just can't possibly <strong>understand</strong> the game and what all goes into it... (Not that you specifically have been doing that at all - you weren't the one who kept pushing back so as to turn it into an argument. :) )

<p class="c">* * *</p>
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Campabee</b></div><div>I think you should actually look up what Farrell has done over his career thus far. He was a ppg player as a freshman this past season for Harvard not as an overager but as one of the youngest guys in the league. You know what this reminds me of? This reminds me of what everyone was saying about Caufield, he is too small, he was only successful because of Hughes, he won't ever make the NHL. It's always the same thing, yet every time the nay sayers are proven wrong, that size isn't actually all that important just like the path players take to the NHL.</div></div>
He is a small winger that you are trying to send to a team that has too many small players and too many small wingers. Unless he's <strong>known</strong> to be the second coming of Johnny Hockey or something similar, he does not have value here. I'm happy you're happy for your prospect, but it's not going to make us want him any more. We've also had plenty of boom-or-bust guys like that who have looked extremely promising only to not make it in the NHL. Some of them are still on the roster and/or in the system (Thurkauf, in particular, was looking very very promising for a little while there, as was TFW. Heck, TFW might still have a chance at being a depth guy if he can take that next step, but at this rate he looks like he's going to be in permanent AAAA mode, alas.).

Also, Caufield was a first round pick and deservedly so. Sean Farrell was someone y'all took a flyer on in the 4th round. That and Caufield was already in the NHL by the time he was the age Farrell is now, so comparing the two is kind of an insult to Caufield.
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