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Sujet: Devils 920
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>NHLfan10506</b></div><div>1. Devils goaltending was a disaster last year.
2. Devils may have a surplus dman or two soon.
3. Florida is in win now mode and needs a dman or two.
4. Knight is an RFA next year that could command $5m+ a year
5. $14-15 million is an expensive goaltending tandem.
6. Florida needs cap space this year and probably next.
7. Did I mention, Devils goaltending was a disaster last year.
8. Thatcher Demko signed 5 x $5 million after 59 starts.
9. Spencer Knight has same agent as Demko.
10. Knight grew up about an hour from NJD facilities.
11. Florida has $66m on the books for 2023-24, with holes to fill on blueline.
12. Knight is close with Jack Hughes.
13. Bobrovsky isn't going anywhere with full NMC
14. Florida has no 1st round picks, only two 2nds, in next few years.
15. Florida also has thin prospect pool.
16. Devils have plenty of picks, prospects.
17. Devils goaltending was a disaster last year.

I don't think Devils fans have been obsessing, but it seems like a logical fit for a trade.</div></div>

Knight isn't gonna get 5+ million with 30 games of a .908 save percentage last year. That's ridiculous. And I don't care how terrible New Jersey is, or if he at one point lived nearby. Cap is not gonna be an issue for the Panthers, and bob will be moveable in the last couple years of his contract when his NTC starts.

You know what would be an incredible idea? For a team with few first round picks, and a thin prospect pool, to trade one of their most promising young players! ****in genius.
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