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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Billy739</b></div><div>F Core = 4 lines with Goal Scorers who arent liabilities
D Core= All Work Horses with 1 Show Horse in Petry. Not Flashy but pile up Hits and Blocked Shots(big help for Price)
G Core = Stellar With one of the leagues best Back ups , Top 10 NHL Goalie Prospect under 23 and Carey F'n Price fresh of a SCF

I agree our Dcore could be better
But Come playoffs i like this Core's Size and ability to shut down top guys.
Romanov-Demers is a nice Duo with JD playing the stay at home D allowing Romanov to explore his offensive side more knowing he's covered(JD is sound in his own end even if Offense dropped way off)

Would we like a better 4th D and Savard on 3rd pair teaching Romanov ? Yes!
But its not the world we live in Sadly as MB made no real effort to replace Weber as they really just Upgraded on John Merril/Empty Spot D rotated into all season on and off.
I'd love to have Soderstrom or Timmons from TML to groom as our RD behind Petry/Savard is Brook and no one
But it seems more likely we'll be plugging our Slew of LD prospects into the RD until we find a fit</div></div>

Let's say I made zero trades...
Personally, I think you'd banking a lot on Drouin and Anderson to have real bounce-back seasons. As well, have Hoffman know his role and do it well because I see him as a one way player: PP specialist and shooter. He doesn't really drive the offense. As well, I don't think the left side of their defence is strong at all and will really rely on the right side. Yeah size and grit is cool and all but eventually, you're gonna need some skill in the back end other than Petry. Really hoping Romanov makes a big leap.
Forum: Armchair-GM21 sept. à 17 h 53
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>UBS_ARENA</b></div><div>Lmao what are you smoking.

Lees contracr isnt great but its not ****. As for a small sample size lets look at his numbers.
16-17 - 34 goals
17-18 - 40 goals
18-19 - 28 goals
19-20 - on pace for 24 goals with a s% way under his normal s%.
20-21 - on pace for 36 goals.
Hes a consistent 30 goal scorer. Thats just the reality of it.

Mayfield is a solid #4 who is on a bargain contract. It will cost at least a 2nd to acquire him.

I am not denying gourde is good. A 2nd + a 3rd doesnt get a late 1st. Youre asking for a 1st plus 3 2nds for gourde. Thats a massive overpay. As for palmieri, he had the worst s% of his career last year and usually shoots around 180% of what he shot last year. You saw it with lee this year and youll se it with palmieri next year that when guys shoot way under their normal s% they regress to the mean. If his s% wouldve been the average that it usually is he wouldve scored on pace for 29 goals last year over a full season.

Pelech is a number 1 dman signed to a great deal. Perfetti is a very good prospect but at best we have similar talent to what we have just not at that great contract. At worst perfetti doesnt work out considering hes still a prospect and hasnt proved anything in the nhl.

JGP. Defense "a bit above average" 😂😂😂. He shuts down the top players in the league. He got traded for a 1st and a 2nd and has only gotten better. Saying he hasnt produced is just ignorant or delusional. For his time in nyi hes been on pace for 21+ goals a season. Combined with elite defensive play and great at faceoffs. And dont forget those 21+goals are under barry trotz. He plays 5v5 pp and pk and has only gotten better since coming to nyi. You either dont care about the stats or just dont know them but either way youre completely wrong.

Martin. Its a negligible deal. I disagree with your assesment but its a deal that doesnt really impact anything. Also id rather trust that lou knows what hes doing than you.

Conclusion: youre way off base and obviously dont know sh*t about the islanders. Id keep my comments and arguments to things i actually know about if i were you.</div></div>

First of all, I look at advanced analytics to analyze players. Actual statistics. I use @jfreshhockey's player cards.

All I'm saying about Lee is that don't be surprised if his starts begin to fall due to his age and repeated history of other players.
Mayfield is statistically a good defensive defenceman. He provides almost nothing offensively which brings him to a real good 3rd pair dman. You aren't winning with him in your top 4, clearly.
If you look at Pageau's player card, he's only in the 62th percentile in even strength defence and in the 32th percentile on the PK. That is not elite as you may think. Production wise, he was on pace for 42 points and 21 goals this season but what happened in the playoffs? Forgot how to? How much of his "elite defensive play" attribute to Trotz system though? &lt;-- Same goes with Mayfield.
Seems like the Martin deal does impact something to you if you start personally comparing me to Lou :tearsofjoy Seems like the trade has been helping you win cups right?

Don't be upset because of the way I base players or have different opinions than you. I'm sorry I don't watch the boring islanders. Have a great day tho!
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Forum: Armchair-GM17 sept. à 14 h 24
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>delneggs</b></div><div>Goodrow will be a 3rd line player but I agree his term and cost is a bit steep, but when your team has NO bite, you need to do something. Nemeth is around to help bring Lundquist along, so that is a GOOD signing IMO. His cap hit does not cause major issues. Kreider is signed, nothing can be done there. And the first, second, third, etc. time Reaves protects our kids, I will thank god we have him. A 3rd round pick means NOTHING when you watch your best player get injured by a POS like Wilson. And yes, I am hoping Reaves puts Wilson in the hospital. The cap issue is driven by Fox being so damn good that his cap hit will jump from under a million to around $9 million after this season along with keeping Mika around, which will cost $3 to $4 million more than he makes now. Those two contracts are the issue and that's why Buch was traded. 2 players will eat up an additional $11 to $12 million in cap after this season.</div></div>

Goodrow's advanced analytics show that he is a 4th liner at best. Coleman and Gourde carried him last season. You can get someone better with "bite" at that price. Yes, something can be done with Krieder, you can trade him :tearsofjoy You can literally sign someone at league min to protect the kids. A 3rd round pick should mean you can get a potential quality player for your future. Cap issues arise from overpaying for players from their actual value. Krieder was overplayed the moment he signed. Trouba is overpaid too. Yes he's good but still overpaid. As well giving Shesterkin that contract after one season? Questionable. If you're betting on his potential, sure but goalies tend to fluctuate in value and production constantly. Look at Samsonov as an example. Fox was bound to be good from his rookie reason so they should've been prepared for that.
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