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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Billy739</b></div><div>MTL will but for a price. We want Jett Woo for our AHL club as lets fact it he's a pure AHL player i doubt VAN is going to QO this summer.
6th to 10th to 13th to 19th in VAN top 25 prospects under 25.

Myers and Woo and we'll give you Fairbrother
Fairbrother is a tough guy LD who protects the goalie at all costs.
Similar Cost ,size and role within their AHL system and both are likely not getting QO'd by their draft team.
He's more responsible then Woo an a good depth guy so im sure VAN or more likely Utica will sign him.

Woo sadly gets a NHL deal whether he deserves it our not as after Barron and Mailloux MTL has no RD signed for call ups .
The more we sell players off while getting injured simoteneously the more the odds are we might need him briefly from time to time risking waivers each time.

You dont get much but neither does MTL
We'd offer up Norlinder if you want him instead but odds are Fairbrother based on his Fists makes it to the NHL long before Norlinder does .
Norlinders a Special teams Dman who cant adjust to the speed of smaller ice and have struggled since coming over.
But Meyers even at 3m has a negative value

You'd have to find someone willing to RS the rest of this year which is worth a 3rd-5th round pick this year it seems.
But whats the cost for the entirety of next year you'd have to pay is the question ?
Because Myers at 1.5m cap hit might get you a 2nd round pick tops maybe a prospect thrown in like i offered (struggling or likely not re-signing at NHL level )

To be honest try as hard as i can , i just dont see how you can move him outside MTL if ANA isnt interested and ARZ's GM's refused to take bad contracts this TDL so far.</div></div>

Yeah I'd take Fairbrother for Woo and Myers (50% retained). However I'd still disagree that Myers at $3m is still negative value. Suppose we'll wait and see!
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The article is quite well argued and presents these points:

"Pundits like Elliotte Friedman and Jeff Marek have already posited that the bidding price for Schenn would be high, and they’re absolutely correct about that.
Just look at some other defenders with similar profiles that have been dealt near past deadlines, and what they returned.

Two deadlines ago, Schenn’s own Tampa Bay Lightning traded a first, a third, and a fourth for David Savard, a RHD with a longer track record, but a similar profile to Schenn.

Last deadline, the Florida Panthers sent a first, a fourth, and a prospect to Montreal for Ben Chiarot, a LHD capable of playing either side.

Heck, even Ilya Lyubushkin, a much worse defender than Schenn, went for a second and Nick Ritchie last year, and Travis Hamonic went for a third. By comparison, should Schenn not be worth significantly more?"

"The trend is clear: big, defensively-capable RHDs are gold at the Trade Deadline. And there’s reason to believe that Schenn might actually be subject to an even greater bidding war than any of the aforementioned defenders.

Why? The salary cap.

Both Savard and Chiarot needed to have their salary retained as part of their trades. That might have meant an even greater return for the sending team, but it also drastically limited the number of suitors. Only so many teams had room under the cap for such additions, and fewer teams in the running means less competition on the return.

But the opposite is true for Schenn. With a cap hit of just $850,000, literally any team can acquire Schenn and insert him onto their roster without needing to worry about the cap in the slightest."

However, despite this I think the price for Schenn is a solitary 2nd round pick.