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Sujet: Deadline
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>justaBoss</b></div><div>I did respond to your trade idea (which was decent tbh) in your post

I kinda think Klingberg will eventually make his way to Leafs first PP. He's excellent in those situations, and I'd argue he's much better than Barrie. Closer to Rielly really, but not as defensively responsible.

I agree that the fit might not be the best possible, but I'd argue adding Klingberg would make this team better, and offensively deeper as latest playoffs for the Leafs have seriously taken a hit by injuries towards their top3 D-men, in particularly with Muzzin.</div></div>

I honestly don't see the fit for Klingberg at all in Toronto. You say he's excellent on the PP but he wouldn't get any time in Toronto on it. Rielly already has the 1st unit locked down and he's not being moved off it, and Sandin has been a great fit on the 2nd unit. The Leafs currently have the top PP in the league so I don't think they're primary ads will be for a PP specialist defenceman like Klingberg, it just doesn't make sense.

As for the injury situation (which is bound to happen cause Muzzin is fragile every playoffs), Klingberg doesn't really fit that either. When Muzzin goes down, Toronto needs a defensive reliable replacement and Klingberg is the furthest thing from that. Add in the fact that he'll be looking at at least $6.5M - $7M as a free agent and it makes him a pure rental, just doesn't seem like a fit at all unless the price was extremely low (which it obviously won't be)
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>MisstheWhalers</b></div><div>Its Leon Draisaitl though and three of those pieces in this proposal are a 3rd, Debrusk and Studnicka which aren't overly valuable.</div></div>

Jack Eichel was dealt for 4 pieces. Eichel is substantially better than Draisatil. You're telling me that you think Draisaitl is better and more valuable than Eichel by 3 assets?

DeBrusk could still easily turn it around and be a 25 goal scorer as a power forward, there's value in him. Stud nicks has proven to be a point producer at every level so far, so there's value there. A pick is what you make of it, but hey Brayden Point in the 3rd round didn't seem too bad.

The point is, a lot of people on here don't seem to know how value works and they spurt out random things that they want or are bias and want too much. But you have to look at how much each player iMovie to the game to determine their value. In the NBA, guys are on the court far more so when a guy like James Harden is dealt for a massive package it makes sense because he impacts the game more. In hockey, guys are lucky to play 25 minutes a night so about 40% of the game (especially forwards). So the impact isn't there. This return for Draisaitl alone is loaded with guys that still take up time and impact (or potential time and impact) that far exceed the 40% of Draisatil.

It's just way overvaluing Draisaitl likely because the user just looks at how many points he records. But points alone don't determine value.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>leafs101</b></div><div>you're looking at the last 3ish games in isolation, complete recency bias. They've blown a few leads in the last 3-4 games, held onto most games but that's no excuse. The team committment to defence has been there all season.

Gotta credit MTL a little more there they beat Vegas and went on a crazy run. Leafs also had Tavares hurt, had Foligno take his spot as 2C and then he got hurt. Muzzin was our best defenceman last season and in that series he also got hurt. So you lose a point per game center, your replacement center, and your top defenceman, all while getting absolutely brick walled by Price. But yes, while they were smothering Matthews, Hyman and Marner should have been able to capitalize on some of the more open shots that they were given as they double or triple teamed Matthews.

Matthews is a selke candidate, Nylander has among the best turnover to takeaway ratios (is among the league leaders in takeways, Marner is an elite penalty killer, and Tavares is Tavares - just very consistent and reliable. Sure they haven't been defensive all along the way but they're 24, not many players break into the league and are immediate defensive forces.

Look, all I'm saying is if the narritive on the Leafs is they can't win because they haven't, that logic should also be applied to say that Florida can't win a round, and for that matter even say that the Avs won't make it out of the 2nd round (seemingly the cup favourite every year but don't make it past the 2nd, but we never talk about that). Now to be clear, I don't believe that the past prohibits any of these three teams. Think they could all go on runs.</div></div>

You think Matthews is a Selke candidate? Yikes.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>leafs101</b></div><div>Leafs have had defense this year (and last year for that matter, but its been better this year), despite the recent stretch without our 2nd D pairing. Though I do think we need an upgrade on Holl. "Which excel in the playoffs" its truly hilarious watching people bash the leafs for not making it out of the first round while praising other teams in the same situation. A team like the Leafs build with elite stars, a solid checking line, depth, solid D, and vezina level goaltending, if you take the history aside and the leafs logo off of their chest, would be seen unanimously in the same positive light.</div></div>

I think many people don't see the real issue with the Leafs and that's the players commitment to defence. Adding a defenceman isn't going to change that - it's a core issue and there's no accountability on the stars when they don't play in their own end well. It's what's going to sink them. You don't consistently blow 3 goal leads and still think you're a good defensive club. Most nights they're bailed out by Campbell, and honestly it seems like some nights even he's not there (I understand the Leafs make it hard on him but at the end of the day it's his job to stop the puck, that's it). It's not a championship caliber team and it's not a team built for the playoffs. If it was, they woulda walked all over a very weak Montreal team last season and they couldn't get the job done then either. Fans are just going to be let down again after this year. Then Marner is likely gone and maybe it'll be wake up call to the team
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