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7 mai 1993
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Forum: Armchair-GM 5 aoû à 13 h 50
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>insaneDane09</b></div><div>The Blues have two guys like that for a combined $5m AAV in Barbs and Sunny lead alone one guy like that for $5m by himself...at 31 years old...for three more years. Barbs and Sunny put up similar numbers and do about everything you mention here except play the PP by which Sunny does occasionally. Its important to mention in an ideal world those two are playing on fourth line which again begs the question....how TF is Tarasenko not enough to get Bailey straight up? I thought this team needed scoring? They're clearly not getting that from Bailey. If this is how GMs are viewing this situation Tarasenko isn't going anywhere. Army isn't going to give him away lead alone trade him for an arguably significantly lesser player...and then some in addition to that. He'd rather him just play as his value to the team is higher than that of which would come in a trade IMO.

As for Tarasenko's stats over the last two seasons...All I have to say to this is its hard to have a realistic conversation with someone which all they're looking at is the 34 games Tarasenko has played over the last two seasons combined. Is he the guy he was the 5 before that? More than likely not, but he's just as likely not as bad as the previous two seasons where he's barely played at all. Somewhere in between is more than likely where he lies, where he lies is the debate sure but I'd argue that's still better than Bailey by a decent margin.</div></div>
If you think Barbs and Sunny equal Bailey than there is no point in continuing this conversation. Enjoy your disgruntled shoulder injury. We are fine without him.
Forum: Armchair-GM 4 aoû à 21 h 02