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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Sign_em_up000000</b></div><div>The most I'd pay for braun is a 3rd at 50% retained, I'd be willing to add a prospect or a late round pick to get brassard in the deal but I certainly wouldn't break the bank for either of them. Also, getting away from the sinking ship that is philly could/would probably do wonders for his/their game, especially getting a chance to compete in meaningful games.

I hear ya it's not worth it. I've had a few myself but didn't post them because there's really no point.

Does the 2nd turn into a 3rd if we don't make it to the conference finals or do they not get a pick if we don't make it that far?

Honestly, at first I didn't think they'd have interest in marazek but the more I thought about it the more it made sense.

I also think ritchie would be a really good fit in dallas' system much like klingberg in ours.

Obviously reuniting the Robertson brothers would be a major selling point to Dallas.

Holl gives them a decent replacement in terms of TOI and he kills penalties plus I also think holl would be a good fit in their system.

As well as getting abruzzi miller and a 1st + possibly a 2nd! I can't see how Dallas doesn't make this trade unless kiviranta is a deal breaker for them? I don'tknow anything about him.

I think this deal works for both sides although it's alot to give up for the buds we're getting exactly what we need.

Agreed on Campbell.

I guess it will depend on whether or not he can stay healthy and play good down the stretch, if not I think we have to moove assets with him to unload his contract.</div></div>

No pick at all if we dont make conference finals, has to results only based.

I would rather get Severson, his additional year is the reason why.

I cant see Kiviranta being a sticking point.
And with Bishop forced into retirement, Khudobin fallen off the wagon... makes too much sense for Mzraek.

Who do you want for a backup next season?
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Sign_em_up000000</b></div><div>I'm still kicking lol, how have you been?

I couldn't agree more. I want to comment on acgms but it's not worth it anymore, that being said, if anyone can get me out of retirement it's definitely you n onex lol.

I agree we need to upgrade our rhd and if jersey would take this I'd be all over it. I also like braun as a low cost asdition and I think klingberg would be a good fit with muzzin and in our system even tho his numbers haven't been good the last few years plus he's a proven playoff performer. I think severson is a happy medium between the 2 tho.

I wouldn't mind manson but the ducks are in the the playoff picture rn and I wouldn't be comfortable giving up a 1st + for him.

I think dubas finds a way too keep Campbell pert of which will be attaching assets to move Marazek (part of why I don't want to give up a ton of assets at the deadline). In terms of who would I bring in to replace him, well there's going to be a few decent options but at the top of my list is Halak I think 1yr 1.5 or 2yrs 1 would get it done.

Also, I think the Lehner deal is a good comp for Campbell's next contract 5×5.

What do you guys think?</div></div>

Good as can be.

Braun has started to slip IMO and getting too old.
If hes better than Holl and Dermott it's not by much... price has to be right to add.

I still make alot ACGMs, just dont post them.

I had the following Dallas trade, tell me what you think



Rights to Abrussive
Rights to Miller
1st rounder
Conditional 2nd rounder on Leafs making it to conference finals

I think Campbell will resigned before he hits UFA, long term deal with 4 to 5 million AAV but the contract will be front loaded like Tavares contract.

I think Mzraek wont be hard to move, teams will need a goalie.

I don't want Manson.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Sign_em_up000000</b></div><div>First off I'm glad to see you back making acgms.

Second, I think this trade is close it just needs a touch more to get it across the finish line. I think the Muzzin deal is a good comp, a 1st and 2 b prospects that being said if the devils are retaining one of the prospects have too be upgraded to a A prospect (which you did by including Robertson). So Robertson, Abruzzese and a 1st is a good proposal but Ritchie is a cap dump at this point which would likley cost a 2nd too move. Personally, I think the leafs hang onto him until the offseason and hope he has a strong playoffs at which point he can be moved for a late pick like a 5th-7th or just buy him out, plus we've accured capspace for the deadline so we don't need too move him rn.

Also, adding Holl gives them a d who can play the minutes Severson is/was, most on here will try to say he's a cap dump but he's a serviceable nhl rhd.

All in all this is good for both sides just either add a first or change the 2nd to a 1st and take out Ritchie.

Just my opinion tho.</div></div>

Good to hear from you
Hope you have been okay.

It's hard to make ACGMs, gets too toxic and very little constructive feedback.

I think this very close in value with the cap dumps, remember that Ritchie has only 1 year remaining and you could be right about him showing his value in the playoffs but we need to upgrade our 2nd pair RD.

I dont want Manson instead.

I want your opinon on Mzraek for next season
Does he stay? Trade him?
If trade him, who do you want add?
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>evelutions2</b></div><div>Could you please explain why any of these teams consider making these moves. I mean Texier has been really good for the Jackets, and scraps won’t cut it. Bear has been really good for the Canes, and rejects won’t cut it. Holl is ok, but I don’t think the Craps do that. The Chicago and Arizona moves look like cap jettisons, so why are the leafs getting assets back in those? And the last thing, in what way are you front loading Campbell’s contract, because their is a specific structure to do so, and if you don’t follow those guidelines, what happen with Grubauer’s contract with the Kraken will happen with Campbell and it gets adjusted. Plus, Campbell easily gets 5mil on his next contract.

Maybe I’m missing something and an explanation might help, although I feel like I have hit the hammer on the head here.</div></div>

Sure, my reasoning on Texier is that Johnson will replace and they still have Roslovic to help insulate young guys.

Bear, TDA looks to emerging as the 2 RD for Carolina and with Nino and Trocheck contracts up..
They will need a player.

The Chicago trade is cap dump but when Mzraek is healthy, he is decent and I feel I have given enough assets here to help with cap blow.

Arizona needs players, this gets the a D man who is young but definitely 3rd pair for low cost.

Holl, I think Caps have enough holes next season and this is low cost add.

Campbell, front loading the contract is key.
Have him make majority of the money in the earlier years and I feel Campbell extension will happen during this season to the free agent frenzy.

If you dont know what a front load loaded contract is, go look at Tavares for example... real money in his first year was 15 million and his money in future years is declining