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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Jack_</b></div><div>The cap should be going up and every team should get one compliance buyout. The rising escrow rates means that owners are getting some of their money back through revenue sharing. As far as I know the reason there is escrow is to adjust for the cap inflation. The Athletic had an artical about escrow rates going up again (this was a while ago so I could be completely wrong or things have changed) and the nhl should also have the cap inflate with it.

As much as it bugs me that GMs are still making stupid decisions I still think a compliance buyout is the way to go. By looking at the projections on CF of people who could be bought out it looks like its mostly guys in their early to mid 30s on horrible contracts. A league wide compliance buyout type of thing would help reset the market and it would be a real kick in the pants to all the GMs. In theory they would buy the Mark Edward Vlasic's of the world out, the owners would pay the check and they would be pretty pissed off. There wouldnt be many contracts like those again.

What the NHL should really be doing is going to a luxury tax system and getting rid of the pity points so there is less artificial parity. It would be so much fun and rewarding for the fans/management of teams that actually do a good job</div></div>

Good points.

I really think the hard salary cap is here to stay.
Remember, more teams benefiting from this then not.
The only way this changes is if the top owners like MLSE and others decide they are not okay with it.

An increased cap with buyouts is even more likely than Path 3 I proposed IMO, the reason I think this is because the world economy is gonna get hit super hard especially in North America.
The situation in the USA right now, I think in reality it is worse than Italy and will get worse.

September is when this started in China, and due to this communist government they were able to hit recovery 7 to 8 months.

USA, they are one of the worst prepared for what is happening. And the country being so vast with state to state having a different situation is gonna further complicate things.
If one state recovers it will too easily prone to relapse unless the neighbours do too.

Same with Canada, we border NY state and Washington state.

Sorry for the rant but I'm just trying to emphasize that an increased cap with buyouts is super wishful thinking.
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