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Sujet: Optimistic
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>BeastModeUnknown</b></div><div>Top LW would be Matthew Tkachuk at this point, and with how the Center role is, interestingly enough you won't even get close. Tell me how your team isn't in a retool. You see next year's free agency class. You guys have regressed over the past 2 years, and during yesterday Edmonton completely passed you up on the list for chances to push for playoff spots. Vancouver is on the edge as well but Seattle made a bunch of moves, and I'd bet they would do better than you guys at this very point as well. You have 12 Million in cap space to sign 5 quality players and a backup tendy. Kylington, Zadorov, Valimaki, Mackey, Dube, and Gawdin are all still neding to be re-signed. Zadorov's original ask was 5.9 Million and it just recently came down to 4 million. So that leaves about 8 Million to spend on a backup goaltender and 5 different players. Need I mention Flat cap. Tkachuk is going to get a raise, Gaudreau is going to want a raise, Mangiapane is going to want a raise, that also doesn't show you how much Monahan is gonna want in 2 years. 1st Round Pick, 3rd Round Pick, Middle 6 Forward (Played a ton of Top 6 minutes), and a quality Joel Hofer which can be switched in for someone else but Hofer is worth around probably a 2nd in terms of quality ceiling. On 1 year left on a deal. You won't get anything more for someone like this. If you want to look at players with similar production and on 1-year deals. Hall 50% retained, Lazar for 2021 2nd and Anders Bjork. 2022 1st Round Pick is better than a 2021 2nd Round Pick and I'm going to say a 3rd Round Pick, Hofer, and Sanford probably gets you more than Bjork. Plus you aren't giving up another piece like Lazar. So tell me how stupid I am when the market it set itself up that way. You really think I didn't read into it? Calgary won't have money to sign both Tkachuk and Gaudreau, and when Monahan is up in a couple of seasons from now.</div></div>

I mean I was talking about how the <em>move </em>didn't feel like a "retool" move, rather it feels more like a "rebuild" move. If we move Gaudreau we'd have to find some way to find those goals and points and this trade simply leaves us with too much of a gap to bridge. So, we'd only consider a move like this if we were throwing in the towel and looking to the future.

And, well, we <em>are </em>retooling. Last year BT bet on some 800k contracts having breakout or bounce-back years and lost on all of those bets. This time around he's making more intentional additions that fit with a coach that has every intention of making this team competitive. The 6 year deal for Coleman is a retool move. Same goes for Zadorov.

We are in a tricky cap situation but until extensions start rolling in shipping out key difference makers is a complete mistake. Honestly, the player that's higher on the list of getting moved is Monahan given how well Lindholm fit into the centre position.

And, for the record, Gaudreau has 42 (edit: actually 52!) more points than Tarasenko in 11 less games and is 2 years younger. Tarasenko can be the difference maker that can swing games at times but his injury history leaves a lot to be desired.
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