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Sujet: The Dream
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>gretzkyghosts</b></div><div>Great thread.
Great comments.
Some random thoughts:
These guys really seem to like playing with each other, Granato seems to have that capability to make a team gel.
They are tenacious and do not give up, nearly recovered from a three goal hole against the Sharks.
Buffalo may have five decent #2 centers, Thompson, Cozens, Krebs, Girgensons (only Thompson and Cozens have more goals and pts than Zemgus) and Mittelstadt (we do not know about him as he has missed most of the season).
Two top 6 LW, Skinner and Olofsson and two top six RW Tuch and Okposo (let's include him as only Thompson and Dahlin have more pts than he).
Quinn and Peterka may be ready, but I remember thinking Bailey and Baptiste would be top 6 RW's.
While Hagg, Pysyk, Bryson and Miller have performed well only Dahlin, Power and Jokiharju are top 4 defensemen.
GK has really let them down this year.
During that 3-12-2 stretch they gave up 76 goals or a rather sad 4.47 GAA.
The other 17 games they are 7-6-4 with a 2.53 GAA, not a play off team but certainly respectable 87pts over 82 games.
While they have lost 6 in a row, Covid has been devastating having to dress Prow, Butcher, Jankowski, Hayden, and MacInnis over Bryson, Hagg, Tuch, Okposo, Mittelstadt and Bjork against the Sharks.
A #1 center would be great, but if a RHD as good as Power is available, I am also good with that.
I will wait until the end of the year and let Jason Karmanos decide who to draft.

Well that is my tome for the week.

EDIT: LOL I just noticed you made Olofsson evaporate.
Well his contract would certainly bring the team to the floor.</div></div>

There is no RHD as good as Power available this year though, nobody is even close. Since we have three 1st round picks this year, I certainly agree that spending 1 or 2 on RHD is a sound proposition, but I think the #5 pick should be spent on a forward. As you say, we have lots of 2nd line guys, but not many 1st line guys. The early picks is where you get that kind of talent.

There are some promising RHD guys who are projected to be available later in the first round. That's the strategy IMO.
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