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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Canuck4life</b></div><div>Suter had a great season and is a cheap winger/center that can play up and down the lineup. There is definitely value in that. Saying that, my line of thinking is Buffalo is trying to restructure their blueline, he could be an odd man out. You've got Dahlin &amp; Samuelsson on the left side and Power, Byram on the right side, you've also got Clifton there as well. I think this could be a deal that works well for both sides.</div></div>
Suter is a fine player, but Jokiharju has value beyond what he does. Just by virtue of the fact, he is a right handed shot defender who is only 24 and has as much experience as he does he’s worth at least a second round pick to any team across the league. If he’s the odd man out in Buffalo, they should get more than a third line Center with a one year contract walking him to UFA.

It’s a similar argument to which of the top prospects in Buffalo is expendable compared to the others. Most other teams don’t have a prospect better than any of Buffalo’s top four: Kulich, Savoie, Ostlund, Rosen. Just because one of these players may be traded to make the core roster better doesn’t mean he’s less valuable than he would be if any of the others were in another team’s system. There’s a good chance whichever of them is traded if any is the best prospect for his new team. Jokiharju will probably not be the best right handed defenseman on the next team he plays for if he gets traded. But he could be a second pairing defender where he ends up next, and the return value should reflect that. I’m not expecting a gamebreaker in return for him alone, but if he’s part of a package to get one, that’s the type of trade I could see being made.
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