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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>NHLfan10506</b></div><div>Boqvist is ‘more of the same’ on wing…need a grinder at 4LW. Seven years also seems long for Spence.

Do you think Kähkönen is the guy?</div></div>
At this point you probably know my preferences well enough that I'd always double down on speed over heaviness. I loved Boqvist in the various 4th line roles he got with the Devils over the years and I know that together with Lazar and one of Bastian, Turcotte or Clarke, he'd be crushing it in a depth role.

Disagree on Spence as well. Think this is exactly the type of player you'd want around your team long-term. If one could leverage a lower cap hit against increased return when signing Spence, it'd 100% be the way to go for me.
Besides, could just trade one of him, Hamilton or Casey in 2 years when it starts getting real crowded on that right side.
Bottom line with the Spence deal is, if there's a way to acquire a young , cost controlled gem like him for assets the Devils have in excess, you just have to pursue it.

Last but not least, Kähkönen is definitely among my personal favorites for goalie options in the summer.
Bringing him in at the deadline should realistically endear him to stick around on a low-risk deal.
He had overall a very strong season and he really crushed it in that Devils audition. Thinking a Kaapo - Allen tandem would at the very worst give the Devils the kind of average goaltending needed for the team to get right back into contention.
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