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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Koskinen_The_Great</b></div><div>His contract isnt a factor. Frank Seravalli already put it out there that it's known as a more than reasonable deal and there is significant interest. Stop acting like you won the trade for Domi. Jackets had a ton of cap space. Whether you think he's overpaid or not isnt pertinent when he's an asset in demand. jackets have low balled players for years. That isn't a good thing.


24. Josh Anderson
Right Wing, Montreal Canadiens
Age: 28
Stats: 69 GP, 19 G, 13 A, 32 Pts
Contract: 5 more seasons, $5.5 million AAV
Scoop: GM Kent Hughes’ phone has rang consistently with teams inquiring about Anderson, whose skillset makes him a rare breed in today’s NHL. Anderson has skill, he can move, he’s big and has brawn. Oh, yeah, and he’s locked up for five more seasons at a very reasonable number for a guy who has knocked on the 30-goal door. To date, the Habs have resisted the urge and likely some tempting offers, but you have to at least allow for the possibility that they get a ‘Godfather’ offer they cannot refuse.</div></div>

When did I say we won the trade. Look it up. We were not willing to offer Andy that long of a contract. The report was Andy would accept a 1 year or 7-8 year deal. So instead of losing him for nothing we wanted to see if you if domi would fit with our team. He didn’t and we lost bad. I would have made a similar choice in Andy, Especially after only playing 20ish games the previous season.
Uf you trade Andy your going to get a haul. Just not an A tier asset, like a top 12 pick.

As for the report, Yeah you can ask for whatever you like. we asked for a first, a B prospect and roster player for texier. Did we get it? No.
I do hope you get the offer you want, but I don’t think the jackets will be using both 6 and 12 to move up in this draft without another significant asset coming back in return.
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