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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>DoctorBreakfast</b></div><div>Anaheim - Younger forwards to go with their good, young defense
Arizona - Consistency at the center position
Boston - Consistency in net
Buffalo - Consistent goaltending, depth defense, scoring wingers
Calgary - Good Mike Smith and a better shooting percentage
Carolina - High-end center and an average goaltender
Chicago - Healthy Crawford
Colorado - Depth scoring
Columbus - Panarin extended and Werenski extended before the season begins
Dallas - Depth scoring and to not play Roman Polak
Detroit - Good, young defensemen
Edmonton - Production from their RW
Florida - Consistent goaltending
Los Angeles - The Fountain of Youth
Minnesota - Better depth forwards
Montreal - Help
Nashville - Consistency from the Turris line
New Jersey - Good Schneider, Butcher to take the next step, depth scoring
NY Islanders - Defensemen and to sell Lee, Eberle, and Nelson at the deadline
NY Rangers - Skjei long-term extension and to keep rebuilding the way they've been doing it
Ottawa - More help than Montreal and to trade Karlsson without attaching Bobby Ryan to him
Philadelphia - Depth defensemen, consistent goaltending
Pittsburgh - A time machine to take back that Jack Johnson contract
San Jose - A Stanley Cup to justify those Burns, Vlasic, Couture, and Kane contracts
St. Louis - Good Jake Allen
Tampa Bay - Right side defensemen
Toronto - Vezina-caliber Andersen
Vancouver - Demko to be NHL-ready soon
Vegas - Schmidt and Theodore extensions, and a Karlsson bridge deal
Washington - Bowey and Djoos to play well so they don't have to play Orpik
Winnipeg - Cap space and to trade Trouba</div></div>

Rask is consistent. One of the most consistent in the league!!!
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>ILoveTheLeafs</b></div><div>Hi, I see people are worried about the Leafs ability to stay under the cap. It won't be an issue this year but will be in 19-20 when Matthews and Marner's new salaries kick in.
I made an attempt to see if they can keep all 4 in 19-20 (Matthews/Marner/Nylander/Tavares).

First, the cap is about 80M this year, I predicted 82.5M in 19-20. As you can see, the Leafs can stay under the cap providing they do a couple of small moves. They would need to buy out Marleau after this coming year and they could only keep one of Gardiner or Hainsey on D, but they can do it. Here is what it would look like.
Forwards (14) Salary (Millions) in 19-20
Matthews $12.00 Estimate
Tavares $11.00
Marner $8.00 Estimate
Nylander $6.50 Estimate
Kadri $4.50
Hyman $2.25
Brown $2.10
Kapanen $1.75 Estimate
Johnsson $1.25 Estimate
Leivo $1.00 Estimate
Lindholm $0.93 Estimate
Gauthier $0.93 Estimate
Grundstrom/Aaltonen $0.93 Estimate
Mueller/Moore $0.93 Estimate
Total $ spent on forwards $54.05

Defence (7)
Reilly $5.00
Zaitsev $4.50
Gardiner or Hainsey $4.00 Estimate
Carrick $1.25 Estimate
Liljegren/Rosen $0.90
Dermott $0.88
Marincin/Holl/Borgman $0.80
Total $ spent on defencemen $17.33

Goalie (2)
Anderson $5.00
Sparks/Picard $0.80 Estimate
Total $ spent on defencemen $5.80

Kessel $1.20
Marleau - cost to buyout of last year of contract $2.08

19-20 Cap Estimate $82.50
Total Cap Used $80.46
Cap Available $2.04 Under Cap
Am I far off? It just shows they can do it, buying out a 39 year old Marleau from the last year of his contract adds 4M space to the cap. The forward group here is very strong but as you can see, the defence is young.

Am I far off? Please feel free to comment.</div></div>

You haven't improved defence. Only way Leafs can go deep in playoffs is if they IMPROVE defence!! When will Leaf fans start to understand this???
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