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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>KingofRnR</b></div><div>That's simply not true. Both Lundkvist &amp; Kravtsov have asked to be Traded.

Ruzicka &gt; Kravtsov (Ruzicka's a Big Centre who has proven he can Score + be Defensively Responsible, something NYR wants, whereas Kravtsov has not performed well in North America = Gamble)
Lundkvist &gt;= Valimaki (Lundkvist may have more value being a RD and Waiver Exempt, but he hasn't done any better in the NHL than Valimaki)
Duehr = Gauthier (Only reason for this swap is Gauthier's Potential Upside and bringing in a French Canadian for Huberdeau)
Nikolayev = Korczak (CGY should acquire Right Shot Centre Depth and Nikolayev could make &amp; help the Rangers sooner)

I like Ruzicka and am worried about giving him up, but because there's no room for him in the Top-9 and we could use more RD Prospect Depth and Physicality in our Bottom-6, I'd do this Trade and take the Gamble on Kravtsov &amp; Gauthier, hoping they can reach their Draft Pedigree under Sutter's tutelage

Habs Fans never seem to value Flames Players &amp; Prospects, so I'm not surprised by your comment</div></div>

I think you over value your players
Anyway I won't do any drama here, I understand you love the upside of Ruzicka, but no NHL team have room in their top 9 for a gamble like him
We got guys like Sonny Milano and Tyler Motte who are still unsigned and much more proven than Ruzicka, who might just end up waived. A lot of teams have players in the same situation, good upside but no room for them and they arent waivers exempt. We'll see how it turn out for him
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