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Forum: Armchair-GMFri at 9:21 pm
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>BlastnyFromThePastny</b></div><div>The fact that this is so well thought out trumps a lot of trades you see here on the daily. I also like that you did the disclaimer about these players NTC because one of the top responses to these things is "HE WOULDN'T NEVER WAIVE JOKAWEJNFOWAEFH!" You're always welcome to chime in about why too. ex: I think Smith and his family love it in Michigan, he's closer to his family in Kingston, he wouldn't have to share the crease as much, etc.

I love your first trade, after watching the Avs kill a change-of-scenery trade with Graves and Bigras, I fully support them. I think Svech for Ho-Sang makes a lot of sense for both clubs.

I think a second + Sutter would be how much it takes to get Nemeth, he is very solid as a 3rd pairing and is a good injury fill-in in the top 4 (watched him on the Avs). I like that to counteract that you're trading a bonafide bottom 6 + a 2nd for a 3rd pairing dman you made it clear it was a cap dump and those can be costly and Detroit has benefitted from a capdump for a 2nd already. Great research, I don't see the Canucks doing it. Canucks may want all their picks by the TDL for adding to their roster or for the expansion to control a bit who Seattle takes.

I think Bernier is the main goalie for Detroit and I don't seem them mortgaging Bernier for a 3rd and 6th, they've been in the basement for a little while now, they're looking to show the fans stability in some way they can and keeping Bernier does that for now. Plus he has been wanting a shot to be a #1 for a team forever now. At the TDL, there could be some pressure for buyers to add goaltending which could get them a 1st or 2nd possibly.

I think overall this is pretty good, I look forward to what other ACGMs you come up with in the future</div></div>

Thanks man, really appreciate the feedback!
Forum: Armchair-GMFri at 8:28 pm