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Forum: Armchair-GM22 déc 2020 à 16 h 24
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Salzy</b></div><div>Guhle hasnt proven anything, in fact he's proven he cant even beat out Larsson and Djoos for a roster spot. I doubt he gets claimed and if he does it isnt the end of the world. Curran is being paid 1M even if he's in the minors, That can't be overlooked and with the reduced income for an already low income team that is also paying Corey Perry 6.6M this season to not play for them, and Ryan Kesler I would be shocked if Curran isnt on the NHL roster, and he plays on the right side which none of Djoos, Larsson and Guhle do.

Curran has been great in europe and fits on the third pair, If Guhle had a long term spot moving forward with us he would have a spot no question. Between Larsson, Djoos, Guhle, Mahura, Thurn, Lacombe we're bound to lose at least one of them somehow. Guhle isnt an NHLer at this point and just because he's young doesnt mean he should be given a shot</div></div>

Guhle has been inconsistent but his game started to round out before the season suspended. He's only 23 and was a key piece in the Montour trade. I'm sick and tired of cutting bait on these young d-men before they've proven they can't hack it at this level, which Guhle has not.

Curran is completely unproven at this level. Sure he might be a late bloomer but lets not exaggerate the merits of being a successful veteran in Sweden, a league that is on par with the AHL. I feel like people put a lot of stock into a players' one-way contract status as an indicator that he has a leg-up on making the roster but we routinely stack the Gulls' roster with guys on one way deals. We're about to do it again. They kind of have to to convince quality tweeners to play and move their families to Southern California. And last I checked, Guhle is on a one-way deal too. I hardly think the 200K difference in their salaries is enough to demote the better player. Unless Curran is the better player but that absolutely remains to be seen. I mean he might be, who knows? All I know is he'd be an anomaly if he is. I think Guhle can still carve out a niche as a depth d-man and I think a lot of clubs would think so too which is why I don't want him exposed onto waivers.
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