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Sujet: Rebuilding
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Jah1722</b></div><div>They’re rebuilding. Stralman isn’t brought in as the final piece to a Stanley cup contender. I have no idea how you think turning Manson, Steel and a 3rd into Lindblom and a 1st plus whatever Stralman brings at the TDL half retained is bad.

Derek Grant this season has been one of the worst players in the league. Backes has actually been okay. I’m sorry that the Elite1C is no longer but he’s bad. Your so caught up on Backes like it actually matters who the 4C is as long as Grant is in the press box it’s probly an upgrade.</div></div>

Okay? Backes has only played 13 games because he's not good enough to be a regular on THIS TEAM. My god, the Bruins couldn't give him away. They had to add a first round pick for us to take him off their hands they wanted him gone so badly. (unless you think they really valued Kase that much) He was a cap dump to get assets and I'm fine with that. But why would we bring him back in favor of Grant when we could do that right now? Backes is currently on the taxi squad and Grant is in the lineup. How does that make sense? And yeah, we're talking about fourth line centers here. Grant doesn't light the world on fire but he's good at what he does, and clearly the coaching staff thinks that way too. It's just that Backes is way past his expiration date. The funniest part is this all completely moot because Backes has probably played his last hockey game of his career or at least he will if they bring him up for one last hurrah. But no, he's been awful save for a couple of games where he was alright. Again, taxi squad. All season. For a reason. On one of the worst teams in the league.

But back to the argument at hand, those moves simply don't make us better. Manson is better than Stralman. Steel and Lindbolm are basically the same, maybe even a downgrade considering Steel plays a more important position, is cheaper and a little bit younger. A late first is marginally better than a third round pick. We don't save any money and we only net a slightly better pick. How does that help us rebuild?
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Sujet: Rebuilding
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Sujet: Rebuilding
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>OldNYIfan</b></div><div>Your 7-3-1 makes the most sense, but since when are we using that standard now that we've seen this abominably short-sighted trade?

There's a rumor that Murray might be stupid enough to expose Fowler on the theory that Seattle might balk at taking on his contract, but I don't think even he's that dumb. So I guess we'll expose the guy we traded our biggest blue-line hitter for, thereby running the risk of seeing him play fewer than 14 games for us.

Or maybe Murray's "master plan" is to trade Hampus Lindholm before the expansion draft and hope that Fleury will flower (pun intended) into his replacement. George The Shrub Bush had a term for this: "turd blossom." I can't see it working.

Shea Theodore, Marcus Pettersson, Christian Djoos, now Jani Hakanpaa . . . all errors of entirely different degrees, to be sure, but emblematic of an inability to properly analyze defensive futures.</div></div>

Hakanpaa is a pending free agent, who says he wants to come back here? And who's to say he won't come back in the summer? Either he intends to sign elsewhere anyway so might as well get something for him. Or he wants to sign here in which case you have to wait until after (I was gonna say July 1st but I have no idea when free agency is supposed to start this summer) anyway because re-signing him now would be dumb because of the expansion draft. I mean I guess you run the risk of him really liking it in Carolina. I like Hawk, a lot, but he's not special. It would be nice if he re-signs in the summer no big deal if he doesn't.

Murray has made a lot of bad moves (he's never going to live down Theodore to Vegas; though to be fair, Shea absolutely transformed after that trade) but this certainly not one of them.
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