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4 fév 2016
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Ducks d'Anaheim
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>ForsbergForVezina</b></div><div>The acquisitions of Shattenkirk and arrival of Zegras and Comtois make them better imo. Obviously Zegras performing well in his rookie year isn't a given but Shattenkirk had an incredibly underrated season last year and should be a massive help in all three zones, while Comtois has been pretty good in terms of production in both the NHL and AHL, with still some room to grow though.

Idk why I'm so passionately drinking the Ducks Kool-Aid, I just really like what they're building. Everyone looks at Ottawa, LA and the Rangers as the Next Big Things in the NHL, but Anaheim is really up there imo</div></div>

I think the lack of hype is due to a few things. For starters, this team has been real bad the last two seasons and they only offseason move they made was signing Shattenkirk (though they also ignore our acquisitions of Milano and Heinen at the deadline). There's also the smaller market thing. The LAs and New Yorks of the world will always get more attention. And finally a lot of our potential success is dependent on Terry, Steel, Jones and Comtois reaching their potential which was the theme of last offseason and it didn't happen. I mean if everyone plays to their abilities we can be an excellent team (I'm looking at you Manson and Rakell) but we're seen two straight years where almost none of them have so skepticism is definitely warranted. But so is optimism. Bottom line, I would place any bets, one way or the other, on this team this year. But I'm definitely hopeful.
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