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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>OilersinFour</b></div><div>Not trying to troll, but the more I look at the Leafs roster and prospects, I honestly think the only way Toronto has any chance at a winning team is trading Matthews. None of the other big four will net them anything close in assets needed back plus the cap space to improve the "team" enough to win. IF the Leafs make the playoffs this year, it's likely as a wild card and another 1st round exit. He's then one year to his NMC and the Leafs don't want to be stuck in that final year if he doesn't sign an extension and block any potential moves. Tough spot. Still don't understand why they signed Travares as that is probably the root cause of where they are and he won't waive for a trade. I don't see either Marner or Nylander getting that much back as they are good, but overpaid wingers. Centers bring more back.

I could care less about the Leafs, just interesting to see how this has played out. The Leafs don't want to trade Matthews, they just may need to.

I think Matthews is walking to the Kings in 2024 as Kopitar's contract expires so they have the room, it's a high profile market close to home and a team on the way up with its window opening instead of closing.

Please explain why this isn't logical instead of just "Shut up, McDavid wants out".</div></div>

No way they're trading Matthews. He won the Rocket Richard this year. He is the face of their franchise. Sure he did little in the playoffs but he is their best player. He is still very young at 23 years of age. I wouldn't trade Matthews yet if I was Dubas.