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"Their going to have to trade at least 2 players imo and sign some low priced role players"

This has been how the Leafs have had to handle every offseason since the first year of the Matthews and Marner contracts. With the money that those guys are making (and have more than earned it should be said) there was never going to be a real middle class on this team. You were going to have your stars and then bargain bin guys. And that can work, if you have the right bargain guys. The question was always could they find the right guys. Bunting and Kase seem to be working well. Spezza has been great. Holl and Kerfoot...sometimes they're good (really good even!) sometimes they're not. And some bets just don't work (Joe Thornton, Wayne Simmonds even though they keep carting him out there, Nick Ritchie).

As for what they do next season- Robertson is going to be pushing for a spot. Good player on an ELC. Amirov could be there too. Mikheyev you probably let go (he asked for a trade anyway). You try to shed one of Holl/Dermott and Ritchie like you did. I think you're probably about a million too high on Lilijegren and there's no reason he should be making more than Sandin. If there's something that makes sense you can probably move Kerfoot. I might also try to keep Campbell and sell Mrazek instead if Campbell comes at a reasonable (between 4-5 million) price. And idk why you're not re-signing Spezza, he's been more than adequate as a role player and the organization seems to really value him.

By not signing Mikheyev, replacing Crouse with Robertson, and knocking a million off of Lilijegren you're probably looking about 3-4 million to try and upgrade 2LW. Or maybe you just stick with Kerfoot.

Overall point is though they'll be fine next offseason unless they f*ck up in the playoffs again and then it doesn't matter because they're probably moving a big name regardless.
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Forum: Armchair-GM16 nov. 2021 à 17 h 46
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>mokumboi</b></div><div>I criticize the players plenty. I've criticized Parayko (who has been worse than Scandella by a long way the last few games) a ton this week. I even criticized RobTom this week. and he's put up 7a in the last three games. What I don't do is join in on catterwauling bash parties that ignore when the annual scapegoat pick isn't at fault or remove all positive context to make a player out like worthless trash or pretend like that things a player does very well aren't really that important because that would spoil my slanted narrative.</div></div>

I'm not blaming it all on Scandella, we just had a big discussion about Barbashev where I also criticized Thomas and Tarasenko's performance, and also I was banging this Scandella drum long before this year, so is it a slanted narrative if I said he would be bad and then he is indeed bad? And if that is indeed a slanted narrative, why would I defend him when he had a good start to the season a few weeks back, including where I said he was performing well offensively? How does that fit into your narrative that I'm just scapgoating this guy without acknowledging his strengths? Parayko hasn't been good either but he has a track record of being better and he's underperforming his expecteds, unlike Scandella. I'm sorry for not recommending we try and move the guy who is signed for eight more years instead of the guy signed for two I guess? Like do you think Scandella has really been that good?

This is a trade where we are "upgrading" (I don't think much of Chiarot but nominally that is the intention) our defense. If you are trying to do that it makes sense to move Scandella for all the reasons I just said before- not only can we not afford to pay him if we are paying someone else but if he's on the third pair we have better options there.
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Sujet: PIT Trade
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>mokumboi</b></div><div>Setting aside that I'm not a fan of RAPM, let's remember that we're talking about nine games (for a guy who historically loves to turn the puck over in the D-zone). And that being the Pens best D-man so far this season is a rather low bar to hurdle. Besides, he just had COVID and now he's injured, too.

As for Barby, let's add some simple context to the xGA/60 business (as opposed to the trickier context of actually assigning blame for the chances given up when he's on the ice). That number doesn't factor in his fantastic PK work, and he's still outperforming those numbers with his GF% (which is obviously the one that actually counts). He's also 2nd on the team in takeaways, 4th on the team in x+/- and 2nd among our forwards in hits (which is quite important, because we ain't the physical team we used to be). In other words, I think you're selling his play well short.</div></div>

So for Pettersson a good performance this season can be dismissed because it's only been 9 games but for Barbashev a good performance this season means he's "in the midst of a breakout season'? Seems like a bit of a double standard from your end. I'll acknowledge that Pettersson is way outperforming his xGF and we can't expect him to keep that up, but he has a proven track record of reducing high danger chances for multiple seasons now and that's the skillset I made his case for as an asset to the Blues. The turnover things is silly and always has been, he's totally fine at that and as I told you before multiple defensemen on our team and the other options people are throwing out there (Lindholm, Kulak, etc) are much worse than he is at that too.

Also you didn't seem to not like RAPM when you were posting Vince Dunn's charts and Alex Pietrangelo's stuff from Evolving Hockey when people would trade for them or sign them out from under the Blues. Their GAR model is heavily predicated on RAPM. So do you just not like it when it doesn't support your previously held opinion or....

I don't think I'm selling Barbashev short at all. I said he had been very very good and I said he was a useful player and that I didn't want to trade him. I even said I wouldn't trade him for Pettersson, a player I've been very supportive of. Especially if he's playing above the fourth line and doing well that's a huge boon for my view of him, because I think it's tough to be devoting nearly six million dollars (with Sundqvist and Clifford) to your fourth line. I was just saying let's temper expectations because he's clearly riding a hot one here. He's been fine on the PK, as always. I flatly disagree with your evaluation of hits because while I understand that there's a physicality to hockey a player who is hitting a lot usually doesn't have the puck a lot and if you're playing up the lineup possession is extremely important. You make a fair point about his GF% but it only counts in so far as evaluating his current performance, not as a predictor of things moving forward. His xGF% is 50% (still fine! But obviously less) and that's what you can expect going forward. But I don't think any of that invalidates what I said- he's been good, but other players who are getting less opportunity at 5v5 have been better and also our team hasn't been good so maybe it would be smart to switch things up.
Forum: Armchair-GM14 nov. 2021 à 17 h 40
Sujet: PIT Trade
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>gpmack95</b></div><div>So everyone but Tarasenko Bortuzzo and Scandella are untouchables with you guys?</div></div>

<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>mokumboi</b></div><div>Dude, Barby is cheap and he's having a breakout season. Army doesn't trade what's working. And we can't afford this anyway.</div></div>

<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>BeastModeUnknown</b></div><div>Barbashev has been one of the best players on the Blues. Marcus Pettersson has been a meh player on the Penguins. Bortuzzo, Scandella, Clifford are most likely the guys that go due to Blues most likely not being interested, but yeah I doubt Barbashev goes anymore. He's been one of the most if not the most affective player in forechecking, defense, PK, and sometimes even on offense.</div></div>

I don't really want to lose Barbashev either because I truly do think he's a useful player, but let's not overstate what he's doing right now (or understate how good Pettersson has been- <a href="https://imgur.com/a/A8rTVms" rel="nofollow noreferrer noopener" target="_blank">he's been the best defenseman </a>on the Penguins by a long shot this year, if only someone had predicted this!).

Barbashev has been very very good on that line. He- and the rest of that line- are also giving up way more high danger chances than everyone else on the team, more high danger chances than they are creating. Tarasenko, Thomas and Barbashev are 1,2 and 4 on the Blues in xGA/60, so this idea that Barabshev is actually good defensively is a myth. And the idea that this has been working- The Blues have one regulation win in their last six games (against the Sharks), their only other win in that time is a shootout win against the Jets that even the most optimistic Blues fans have to admit Binnington completely stole, and they were outscored by the 2021 LA Kings and the 2021 Anaheim Ducks in that time frame as well. So something isn't working, obviously. I don't believe that every player needs to play a 200 foot game, but at some point you have to start pointing fingers at your worst defensive line, even if its your best offensive line. The fact that Barbashev has currently seen more TOI/G than Buchnevich (I am throwing out the game he got ejected, it's still less), Kyrou and Saad is truly mind boggling.

Not saying we should necessarily give him up for Pettersson (although Pettersson is very good and we should want him even though Mokumboi is right and it would be difficult to afford him) but he hasn't been a world beater like seems to be the popular narrative and if a trade comes along that makes sense he is absolutely expendable even though yes I would prefer not to (and I think BeastMode is right that the Blues will never trade him, for...reasons).
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>BeterChiarelli</b></div><div>No but it also doesn't mean that St. Louis should be getting the best player in the deal at a considerable discount, especially if the likelihood of an extension is essentially guaranteed and the player going back to Alberta has already requested a trade from the Blues.

Tkachuk for Kyrou, Tarasenko, and a 1st at least makes more sense. I don't know why Calgary is giving up a pick in this case. I don't have much of a horse in this race but the deal as presented is far too in St. Louis' favour.</div></div>

Not sure a player who is currently producing the same as Tkachuk and a first round pick is a "considerable" discount. I'm not defending the trade as currently constructed but Tarasenko is signed for as long as Tkachuk would be there if Calgary does nothing other than qualify him and he's being similarly productive right now. Tarasenko wants out, sure, but again if Calgary is trading Tkachuk then he wants out too. The Blues need to add in that scenario due to Tarasenko's age- a first round pick, maybe a prospect too. That's reasonable.

But they wouldn't give up Thomas or Kyrou as prospects for five years of Ryan O'Reilly, so there's no reason to believe they'll give them up as productive NHLers for a guy they can probably sign in free agency in a year regardless. Calgary needs to set their sights lower on someone like Kostin or Bolduc. Again, look at the Mark Stone trade, which was a very similar scenario to the one the Flames could find themselves in if Tkachuk is only willing to extend with a few teams. They got an A prospect, a second round pick, and a BC prospect for him. Not a lot for one of the best wingers in the game. If push comes to shove, Calgary has no leverage.
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Koskinen definitely isn't going to be "the solution" going forward but his good performance is exactly why goaltending doesn't need to be a big concern and why the big names aren't always the solution either. Marc-Andre Fleury (very rightly) won the Vezina last year, but he looks cooked this year (and even if you want to blame that on Chicago, the year BEFORE he won the Vezina he was so bad the Knights had to bring in and immediately extend Robin Lehner). Florida extended Sergei Bobrovsky for eight years two years ago and is just this season seeing him come anywhere close to living up to it. On the other hand, Freddie Anderson looked cooked too, but he's putting up unreal numbers in Carolina for comparatively little money. One of the best goalies in the league last year was a 25 year old rookie, and we all saw what happened with Jordan Binnington- making 650k- in 2019.

All of this is to say, goaltending is complete nonsense. There are two guys in the league that you might say are night in and night out great- Hellebuyck and Vasilevskiy. If you aren't getting one of those guys or don't have one on your roster, you don't need to be giving up anything approaching a first round pick for a goalie and you shouldn't be paying them anymore than 5 million dollars.

Gibson is an interesting case because he used to be insanely good and he's decently young so you never know, but it's not worth the risk. You can get solid enough goaltending from somewhere else. The Oilers don't need to be allocating too much cap space to goaltending when McDavid and Draisaitl will be outscoring the other team on the regular no matter who is net.
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