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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>BraydenSchenn10istheGOAT</b></div><div>Ah yea I forgot that scotty got injured... I don't think it takes him long to overtake leddy though. From what we saw of leddy last season he is washed. For one of the 'best skating defensemen' in the league he looks so sluggish and inefficient out there. I am not a fan of any facet of Leddy's game.

As for Kyrou I don't like him playing with ROR, we aren't going to get what we want out of him... I would much rather see him with schenn or thomas.
I do agree that the 89-18-91 line was very good


The way that Chief roles the lines all of those guys would be getting good minutes... What do you think?</div></div>

I generally agree with you, as I said in my reply to A_K I'm hoping they're not super committed to ROR and Kyrou together and Perunovich I think definitely has the talent to supplant Leddy but he's basically out for the season now (Blues announced he's out six months for shoulder surgery) so that will have to wait, if it ever happens. My initial response was what I think the Blues will do, not necessarily what I would prefer would happen.

With Leddy, the main concern is that I don't think the Blues thought out the box at all. And they haven't been thinking out of the box on defense for a long time. Since Pietrangelo left (and even before with Faulk), the Blues have been locking in veteran at high prices for less-than-ideal ages, and none of them have stepped up to be top offensive contributors or shutdown defensemen. I view most of our defensemen- especially the big three- positively to varying degrees but collectively I don't think this group works.

I think Leddy can have a positive effect on a transition game that the Blues sorely lacked last year. He seems to be good at retrieving the puck, though he doesn't do it often. I think he is still good at moving the puck from our zone, through the neutral zone, and into the o zone, even at his declining speed. He may be able to set up a rush play or two. But I don't think he's going to be worth 4 million a year for the next 4 years. And I think if the Blues had been more proactive either in the last few years- when Ethan Bear, Jonas Siegenthaler (or even Devon Toews!) were going for nothing- or even in the last few months- as teams like Boston and Winnipeg try desperately to rid themselves of the cheaper Mike Reilly and Brendan Dillon- then we would be much better off.

With Brown, you have to be careful about his preseason performances because this is kinda what he does- has a great preseason, makes you think he's turned the corner, then fades as soon as he's in the NHL. He did it a ton in Ottawa. I'm not going to be convinced he's going to be an NHL regular until I see it happen. If he is though, I think he is much better suited for the bottom six than the top six, unless he shows otherwise in real games. Much like I think we'll get more out of Schenn as a top six winger than a bottom six center. Kyrou too- if he's going to make 64 million dollars, he needs to be in the top six, somehow, preferably on the top line. I'd rather him be with O'Reilly and getting top six minutes than with Schenn if he's going to be fighting for minutes. We talk about rolling four lines or even three lines but that very rarely actually works for a long time. Your best players need to be playing a lot. They rolled things pretty evenly last year, but this group is not as deep as it was then. There shouldn't be a scenario where Kyrou and Thomas are playing the same 5v5 minutes as Brown and Neighbors.

If everything works out perfectly, this is my "ideal" forward corp:

Tarasenko - Thomas - Kyrou
Schenn - O'Reilly - Buchnevich
Neighbors - Brown - Saad
Barbashev - Acciari - Toropchenko

Your top line is your top line. Schenn - O'Reilly - Buchnevich takes the defensive assignments. Neighbors - Brown - Saad is an offense first 3rd line. 4th line is a pretty classic checking/PK specialists landing spot.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>A_K</b></div><div>Thoughts on ROR-Kyrou together? It just doesn't unlock anything for me. Maybe you're able to hide some of Kyrou's defensive inefficiencies playing him with ROR but you're also putting that line up against the other team's best so you're not getting the good matchup for Kyrou to feast on. Eventually I'd like to see


I don't totally hate it but I don't think it really utilizes either player in the best way. I think masking the defense problems is what the logic is and I do think that will work but I wonder if the speed mismatch will hurt the offense, especially from Kyrou. Kyrou has some really good passing ability, but if he's leading the breakout and O'Reilly is struggling to keep up and he continues to struggle to finish like he did last year, I worry there's just going to be a lot of wasted time in the offensive zone and/or lots of Kyrou doing a lot of one-and-dones.

Ultimately Kyrou and Thomas need to be playing together for me, I think they have completely complementary skillsets and their chemistry is the future of the team. I also like Buchnevich and O'Reilly together, for me that's the basis of a Danault-esque shutdown line you send out against everyone. I would have loved to see Perron stick around and round out that trio. If those pairs are together I won't have much to complain about (until it stops working), especially if Brown can snag the 3C spot and allow Schenn to be a top-6 power forward than a third line center.

I will say, it's a bit tough to see how Tarasenko fits in this lineup beyond this season, even beyond the cost it would take to keep him and whether he even wants to stick around.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Nqutilus</b></div><div>Barbashev boarded Girard, causing him to miss the remainder of the post-season, the racist threats towards Kadri by some St. Louis fans, Schenn, Buchnevich, and Perron took exception to Kadri (they tried to attack him on the ice). I really don't think Landy (who has fought Schenn multiple times) would want to make him feel welcome in the locker room.

If you want a slightly exaggerated example, think of trading Tom Wilson to the Rangers.</div></div>

Racist stuff aside (because you're going to get that with a subset of any fanbase, America is cool!) I truly think this only matters so much in the brains of fans. The Blues signed Accari, who was the subject of a trip that arguably decided a game in the Stanley Cup Final in 2019. Accari didn't hold any ill will and clearly the Blues were fine with signing him as someone they faced on that team. More impactfully, Krug (debatably, Bruins fans would say) took a run at Robert Thomas and knocked him out of the final completely, they signed Krug following the 2020 season and Thomas/Krug had a bit of funny twitter banter over the injury. I don't think anyone in hockey has ever said a bad thing about Landeskog or Schenn as far as personalities go, fighting for your team just comes with the territory when you're in a leadership position and that's your game. It's hockey, it's the game, they know this. There's a few players that don't get the benefit of the doubt, but by and large everyone makes their peace with that side of the game. You do what you have to for your team.

The reason this wouldn't happen is because Schenn is older, not producing much on 5v5 (EDIT yeah his counting stats were actually pretty good at 5v5 just don't look at his shooting percentages or expected goals), and has an expensive contract signed through his age 36 season, while Girard is, you know, none of those things. Schenn's trade protection would come into play probably like Kadri's did when he almost went from Toronto to Calgary, obviously don't want to uproot if you don't have to. I'm no mind reader but I have to think there's not too many players that would say no to Colorado at this point if they had to move, even with prior unpleasantness.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>gpmack95</b></div><div>So is it looking less likely for ROR?</div></div>

The numbers bandied around for O'Reilly by "knowledgeable" people have been significantly less than I thought they would be- in the four year/5.5 million range. If that's the case then I don't foresee keeping him being a big deal.

Realistically the team is going to have to take a step back after next season, or Armstrong will have to pull another Buchnevich/O'Reilly out of his hat. Unless Leddy is the transformative presence the Blues and Blues fans seem to think he'll be (I have my doubts) the defense is still going to be an issue, and after losing Perron our forward group will be getting weaker yet again with the loss of Tarasenko+Barbashev (and realistically the odds are against Barbashev being anywhere near as good as he was this year anyway). While we have young guys coming up to replace them we don't have anyone with truly exciting skill level (maybe Bolduc) in the vein of Thomas/Kryou. Add in the question mark of Binnington after a truly abysmal season, truly incredible playoffs, and now injury with no real safety net behind him and I the Blues are going to need to do some more transformational stuff this offseason to set up a new window.

They've done this before, after 2016, so I guess I'm not surprised, but I do feel like this was more than a little self inflicted with all these unnecessarily long contracts for players that are just fine. I was hoping they would be proactive with the reshapping and nab Tkachuk this offseason but what can you do.
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Drysdale and Zegras are going to need to produce significantly more to get that kind of money out of Anaheim. Zegras probably will- or they might give him the Jack Hughes contract anyway and bet on a future breakthrough because he's pretty good right now and he's super marketable- but Drysdale would have to be getting Norris votes. Guy had 32 points last year, hasn't figured out defense at the NHL level yet and is going to be fighting Klingberg and Shattenkirk for PP time. Not saying he's bad, but there's no reason to commit a max contract to him at this point. Bridge him and let him grow.

On the flip side Terry would need much more if he even kind of comes close to having this kind of season again.

Gavrikov and Zub are fine but I think you're overpaying them both significantly, especially for what they bring. They're middle-to-lower pair defensemen on contending teams and if you look around the league there's tons of teams trying to dump similar caliber guys with less term and may even pay you to take them. Call Boston. Call Toronto. Call Winnipeg. And if the Ducks want to supplement their roster long term, they have the picks and prospects (and money) to chase bigger, Chychrun-shaped fish. Personally I'd like to see Anaheim acquire young guys with no clear role on their current team to supplement their already young core- Lundkvist, Valimaki, Bear. I wouldn't want to be in the business of paying Zub and Gavrikov until they're 33 unless my team is in a position to break through right now, and I'm not sure Anaheim is considering they finished 20 points out of the playoffs last year (though there's a lot of young players so who knows I guess)

Based on the guys you've acquired I'd also say you're identifying a need for some more "defense" on your defense and while that might be a good idea Gibson is going to have to rediscover his old form for it to matter much

Foegele trade is a decent use of weaponized cap space. You could probably get more from Edmonton. Idk if it's much good playing him on the fourth line though. He's an okay player but he needs talent around him to actually perform much.

Don't see the motivation to sell low on Comtois at this point.
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