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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Marino4Norris</b></div><div>Marino is a rookie defenseman that has already proven he can play top-4 minutes and is under team control for &gt;3 more seasons. He's worth a lot more than Marner, who can't even score 30 goals on the NHL's most loaded offense and is overpaid by 4M. He's already more proven than Seth Jones was when he was moved for Johansen. Rust is a point/game winger signed at a reasonable term for another two seasons. He has identical Corsi % and point/60 stats to Marner this season on a worse offense.... I think most GM's would rather have Rust at 3.5M than Marner at 10M, so yes he is at least in the conversation value-wise. Marner's contract alone lowers his value massively whereas Rust's raises his. All of this conversation is worthless as Rust and Marino would get moved for maybe five players in the league and Marner is not one of them.</div></div>

The 28 year old Bryan Rust who never put up 40 points before this season is better offensively than 23 year old Marner who essentially put up b2b 90 point seasons? The Bryan Rust that played on a line with Guentzel and Malkin during his most productive part of the season and thats not stacked enough? Not to mention, Marner is a huge reason why Toronto has one of the most loaded offenses in the league, by setting up the multitude of goal scorers they have (best primary assist player in the NHL).

Marner's overpaid by 4M you say? So Marner is worth under 7M per season? I keep forgetting about all those 90+ point players at the age of 23 making less than $7M on long term deals...

As for Marino, he's a stud no doubt and I'm happy for him. Would say some regression may potentially be in his future but I agree that he'll probably be at least a top 4 guy. Would still say that him and Marner are worth it 1 for 1. Would you trade Marino for Kane? Rantenen? Panarin?

Marner is overly hated on this site cause of his slight overpayment and cause he plays on Toronto. Hes an absolute beast and has trade value equal to a lot of other top players.

Try and be less biased pls
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