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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Billy739</b></div><div>On this site you have about a 100 GMs all agreeing they're right
Then reality hits and Context comes into play and the first thing we hear
"no one coulda seen that coming "

Strome no getting a QO "who coulda seen that coming "
Tkachuck leaving to got to USA "who coulda see that coming "

Its ALWAYS like that
OldNYIFan for example used to deal in Logical Fact based opinions that werent always over with many people.
Now it's like he gave his account to someone else as its a polar opposite of before.
In the past he'd see a trade and find a way the piece's and the teams could make it work.(kinda like you just did )
Offer logical options and recourse for moving forward

Now its "lets talk smack , use Slander and not talk about actual hockey"
TBH this site's gotten worse for it as its Admin's let anything from Anti LGBTQ slang to outright trolling like LittleJerrySeinfield made an account just for.
Quality has went down and the people on here have seen the standards lowered so they're no longer stepping up as much.

But that's just life
CapGeek was amazing too for about the same period of time
Another new Forum with higher standards will appear and Capfriendly will fade too
Cant stop progress</div></div>

Finding a way to make the pieces work starts with the deal having some semblance of sanity to it. Under what condition or assumption do you think the Ducks are buyers this year? What does Drouin add to Anaheim? Why would we give up multiple good prospects to get him?

You sell rentals to teams who are making a making a push deep into the playoffs, the Ducks are firmly in the middle of a rebuild. If we want Drouin, we will sign him in free agency at the end of the year.
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