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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>BCAPP</b></div><div>Ive seen Detroit fans value Berggren very highly this summer, but I never heard of him before the summer so can only go off his boxcar stats. They seem solid enough but not particularly special. What makes you folks think so highly of him (genuine question, tone not always obvious online)?</div></div>

There are several components of why DET fans are so high (even overrating) Berggren. First, his numbers for the year were pretty good once you put the lens on it. He scored 28 points in 67 games, averaging 13:30/game. Bringing that number to 18 minutes/game, he’d be a slightly higher than .53PPG as a rookie.

He spent 37% of the time with Veleno as his C, meaning he played bottom 6 lines. He wasn’t quite sheltered, averaging only 56% if his face off starts in the Ozone. Looking at it that way, he had a positive possession metric of 51% CF, and a 4.6% CF relative. When he did play up the lineup, his numbers held steady (though, much better with Copp than Larkin).

80+% of his shots came in between the dots, for a Euro with only 1 year of NA ice time, that’s pretty good. He shot at a 15% clip, though only at 1.3 shots per game. He definitely needs to shoot more.

Nothing earth shattering, but for a team whose middle/bottom six got caved last year, he was the standout. He probably tops out as a 2nd line RW (playing his off hand). Someone compared him to Jiri Hudler, which is on the mark. Tomas Tatar is another good one. Both of them were above average middle 6 guys.
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