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What'd you guys think of this team?</div></div>

This is by far your absolutely most crazy post I have read. Firstly, Marner has so much more value than Trouba. Secondly Trouba has publicly stated while with Winnipeg that he would only play for an American team.

<a href="/users/MitchMarnerElite" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener">@MitchMarnerElite</a> I wish you would come clean and admit to everyone here on CapFriendly that you are really a Penguins fan and highly jealous of Marner and the Leafs too such a point that you only post anti-Marner posts that make no sense for any true hockey fan. You should really be appreciating Marner for the tremendous role model he is as a professional hockey player both on and off the ice to kids. Really disappointed that you continue your anti-Marner sediments daily on this site while the player is doing nothing but good deeds for a lot of less fortunate people in our world. Could you for a change try to celebrate Marner for a change.
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