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21 fév 2020
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Forum: Armchair-GM 5 aoû à 10 h 13
Sujet: Lines
I like your team......but think Kampf slots in as checking and shutdown centre on 3rd line......Kerfoot if he is not traded moves to third line left wing and Mikheyev moves to third line right winger with his speed.....a total shutdown third line is then created.

Bunting moves to 4th line left wing ....with Engvall or Brooks as centre....and Spezza and Simmonds take turns playing right wing depending upon the team........The gas tank of Spezza is now only half full and he will be used as required and can be moved all around the line-up......he is a tremendous mentor for the young Leafs players and a Hockey Hall of Famer.

Brooks is the player to watch to my mind.........great 2 way centre and superior in smarts to Engvall....Big time offensive skills if given a chance.....I am disappointed in Kyle Dubas for not going to bat more for Brooks......Keefe knows what Brooks can do....but does not call all the shots.

Not sure about this Bunting player......he could be moved up into second line if Ondrej gets into injury problems.....and Robertson knocking on the door also for the the second or even first line.....Not totally convinced on Bunting yet as seems undersized overly hyped by TO Media....who I like to turn off.

Liljegren is also going to crack the line-up of the Leafs as 7th defenceman....he has now added size and strength and appears to have the potential to become a Leafs PP quarterback after Rielly and Sandin.....Dubas is again missing the boat if he does not go to bat for this player.

I think Dubas is not done.......Kerfoot is still in play to free up Cap space to sign Morgan Rielly for long-term ......who is an absolute must extension signing for Leafs......Has more leadership skills on the Leafs than any player on the roster and is the real captain of the Leafs in the eyes of the players.....Shows up to play in every game injured or not, willing to give up his own roles on team for better of team and shows up for media for every win or loss.......and super human being like Marner.

Leafs need to move out Malholtra away from PP coach and redeploy him to be a faceoff, defensive and young player mentor coach and Keefe needs to stop being everyone's friend and start rewarding his 3rd and 4th lines more when his 1rst and second lines are not going at full speed.
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Forum: Armchair-GM 4 aoû à 13 h 25
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Hammerwise</b></div><div>With the dman market at this point, it'll be difficult to get a replacement anywhere near that price for reilly. And while he might carry good value at the deadline, Id have to think the Leafs will need him more than futures themselves at that point.

As much as Sandin shows, hes definitely not ready for top 4 minutes, IMO hes probably Muzzin's LD replacement after this season.

The cap is a yearly battle, and who knows what happens after this coming season. I'd have to believe the Leafs win it all and players resign cheaper to stay on or they once again go down early in the playoffs and Dubas has to address movement of the one of the big 4, alleviating the cap pressure.

As "Ban" said, I believe the 5-7th spots has to be a rotation of sandin/liljegren/dermott, but I'd still want a little bit of beef/sandpaper on the blueline (and maybe not a Morin/MacDermid beast, but a Gudas)</div></div>

Dubas is working on a sandpaper defenceman as we text back and forth.....but also knows he needs to get Rielly signed long-term.....they let Anderson and Hyman walk because they know Rielly is the key offseason resigning.....this solidifys the Leafs for the next 5 years on defence......Sandman is the real deal .....and he is developing at a very fast rate....put on alot of muscle last year and looks ready for left defence position with Dermott moving to the right.

I think Dubas is looking for a 7th or 8th dman who plays a very physical game......a seasoned veternan at the right price.
Forum: Armchair-GM 4 aoû à 10 h 21
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>PleaseBanMeForMyOwnGood</b></div><div>I'm realistic, Keefe also benched him and put Rielly on the PP when it mattered most.</div></div>

You make a good point.....I was wondering what was I actually witnessing when I saw this move by Keefe and what would the team and Rielly be thinking when Sandman was put ahead of Rielly as their PP quarterback against the Habs.

To be honest.....I was wondering if it was signalling a possible trade of Rielly in the future or softening him up for future negoiations.....but then I realized that Rielly is the ulitmate team player....and he actually probably proposed the idea to Keefe after watching Sandman perform in practices.

Sandman is the real deal........get ready.

I think Morgan Rielly is the real captain of the Maple Leafs in the dressing room.....so do not want him traded.....Leafs need to sign him long-term......that is why I think Kerfoot is headed out to make this happen.

My guess....is Leafs in big time talks with him right now on an extension.....if they can not get it done......there is another trade coming....No way Leafs are letting him walk as a UFA for nothing as he has too much value on and off the ice for every team in the NHL.

The Canucks should be all over Rielly.....I watched the Canucks play the Leafs play on the Westcoast 4 years ago next to some of his friends who played hockey with him.......they raved about his leadership skills and thought he was going to become the next captain of the Leafs.....Such a humble hockey player.......always there to talk to the media after a touch loss.....reminds me of the Sedins in that he shows up everygame and plays hurt.