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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Xspyrit</b></div><div>lol can you at least READ? It's mesmerizing that you have the audacity to call others dense. I'll summarize one last time because I know some people have a very slow brain :

A recovery from that surgery for "most people" is about 4 months but 6-9 months before you feel 100% again (scientific source link in last message)
A recovery from that surgery for professional athletes might be a bit faster. Like it was for 4 different Lightning players in the past, about 5 months

<strong>Five months would have taken Kucherov to the end of May, the start of the second round.</strong>

Kucherov was actually skating BEFORE early April, it was by mid-March. He started participating in practice drills and morning skates by mid-April. <strong>He was cleared to take contact in early May</strong>. THE LIGHTNING REGULAR SEASON ENDED UP MAY 10TH

You have to be cleared for CONTACT to play in a NHL game. Let's say "early May" was May 1st to give you a chance lol, do you think 9 days of full contact practice (they don't even practice every day, particularly during a pandemic with an unique scheduling) is a LOT when you haven't played in months and coming back from a MAJOR surgery?

It's not because someone "is skating" that he's going to be physically ready to play a NHL game next week. Are you for real? lol Pretty clear you never played in a competitive game and know what a surgery is.</div></div>

Dude I cannot continue to talk to a wall right now OMG. Cam Akers tore his Achilles and was back 6 months later in a 12-month recovery people can beat timetables, Teddy Bridgewater took 2 years to recover from what should have been a 1-year rehab. TIMETABLES CAN BE BEATEN OR EXTENDED. If Kucherov knew the Lightning did not cap the cap space for him to return and it would cause the team to lose a player why wouldn't he say he doesn't feel 100%. DOCTORS CANNOT CLEAR YOU FOR CONTACT IF YOU TELL THEM YOU'RE NOT READY EVEN IF YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO BE READY!!!!! Holy crap what part of that is so difficult to understand, I'm done i cannot continue to argue with someone who doesn't understand the concept of a team and what people do at higher levels to get a competitive advantage, and believe me buddy I played at a lot higher of a level in hockey than you did
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Xspyrit</b></div><div>lol ok let's have fun with this. I am so dense that it actually allowed me to skip classes when I was in school and it now allows me to not have to work anymore at 40 if I feel like it so I have time to deal with this!

The fact that they didn't want to have Kucherov a few games back before the end of the season and risk having him "rusty" to start the playoffs tells you that maybe they weren't lying and didn't corrupt all the medical staff involved?


<em>The Lightning didn't know if Kucherov would make it back for the start of the playoffs. They knew it was a five-month recovery from the hip labrum tear surgery based on history; former Tampa Bay forwards Ryan Callahan and Ben Thomas each had the same surgery. So did active centers Brayden Point and Yanni Gourde.

<strong>Five months would have taken Kucherov to the end of May, the start of the second round.</strong>

"We kind of had some familiarity with the rehab process, how grueling it can be, the timelines, and also the uncertainty," Lightning general manager Julien BriseBois said.

Kucherov was skating by mid-March and participating in practice drills and morning skates by mid-April. He was cleared to take contact in early May. He recovered quicker than Point, Gourde, Callahan and Thomas.

"Not only did he come back faster," BriseBois said, "it looks like he's playing at the high level that he's accustomed us to over the years."</em>

Of course, all this was a well calculated lie. They even provoked 4 similar surgeries to other players to make sure they'd have a narrative in a few years! Kucherov wouldn't have been back if it wasn't for the playoffs. He didn't even look 100%, as observed by many "dense" people

Oh and just a little research on his injury :

<em>Although the timeline for hip labral tear recovery varies depending on your specific injury, if you require surgery, you should expect about 4 months of one-on-one treatment with your physical therapist and roughly 6-9 months before you feel 100% again</em>


Thinking a true competitor like Kucherov would lie/fake to doctors in order to stay on LTIR (while in reality he can't wait to be back playing) is just very naïve. There's a lot of money involved and there's a lot of clauses in NHL contracts, insurance contracts and the CBA so doctors are not going to clear players if it is too risky, insurance companies have their say too. He might have came back earlier if the playoffs started earlier but to risk your health and your body worth millions for regular season games when your team will make the playoffs? Why would he?

Finally, as I said already, you can't just pull this off as you wish. The NHL can investigate you at anytime if they think the LTIR continuation is not legit. Do you think all the 31 other owners will let you do as you like? lol this is the real world we are talking about here. For example, the NHL investigated the Hossa LTIR claim :


<em>When Marian Hossa was announced as an inductee in the Hockey Hall of Fame, he was already working in Slovakia in a management role, was still on the Coyotes payroll on LTIR, and had been subject to an NHL investigation of Chicago’s initial LTIR claim because the league weren’t convinced the medical reason was legitimate. None of that is the story the NHL wants around a star player good enough to enter the Hall.</em>

I could go on and on with more reality but it looks like it is already way too much for you. Maybe you should try being dense and have no friends too!

Looking back at this post, it was really stupid lol. It says above "<em>He was cleared to take contact in early May</em>". Lightning's final RS game was on May 10th.</div></div>

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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>yikes</b></div><div>I agree with this a lot. But NYR stand out because of their recent fumbles. Another team would be MTL.

Not allowing a player to grow with confidence. Yeah sure a player may do well on a great 3rd line in the NHL - but the AHL ain’t easy, imo I’d rather Eklund (my own teams example) cook another year with direct development and goals. In the AHL/ not the NHL; players have the opportunity to develop their game and weaknesses while building forward.

Once you hit the NHL you have a full time schedule, less practice, practice is team focused, and less 1 on 1 development or focus with direction. So with Eklund I’m glad he was sent down because it was the right call not to RUIN THE ASSET. Who cares how shiney that asset is, you don’t want to break it. You get time to improve outside the NHL, you don’t get that time once you’re there; you have to perform.

I think Laf is a hard example. For me Laf wasn’t the best in class - as bold as that is too say I woulda went with Stutzle first overall. But Raymond wasn’t on my radar to the degree of Stutzle, and Raymond’s doing fantastic.

In part it comes down to this but really good scouting and development should help reduce that crap shoot. So when you’re bad at scouting or development it’s very noticeable. And even more so when you’re bad at both. Tampa is a great team for highlighting development and I’ll use Detroit as a team with great scouting. You notice how great those two teams help reduce that “crapshoot”.

Whereas scouting and development hasn’t done so well in NYR, MTL as of late.</div></div>

Yeah, you think exactly what i believe, that young guys can come into the NHL and chase the game enough o get a few luck points but ultimetly like oyu said with Eklund sending him back so he can control and dominate the game is way more important than having him play in the NHL only to chase the game every night only to luck into a few assist and backdoor/rebound goals
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