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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>tkecanuck341</b></div><div>I don't pretend speak for Toronto's side, hence the probably. I'll let you handle that.

I do respect TJ Brodie. He's a solid defenseman. However, he doesn't fill the same role that Roy does.

Brodie is left-handed. The Kings are short on dynamic puck-moving LHD, but one thing they already have an abundance of is defensive LHD. Anderson, Moverare, Edler, BJornfot....all lefties that are solid but don't bring much offense. The Kings have an overabundance of offensive RHD, so much so that they have Durzi playing on the left side over solid defensive natural handed options like Moverare and Bjornfot. However, ever since they traded Brock Faber last summer, they don't have any defensive RHD in the pipeline any longer. If you swap Roy for Brodie, you've now dumped your one solid defense-first RHD and created another gap in the lineup. Sure, Brodie can play on the right, but then they'd have two defensemen playing their off-hand. That's not good.

The KIngs have a number of RHD that they'd be willing to move on the right trade. Walker, Durzi, Spence, and Grans are all available. Doughty, Roy, and Clarke are the future of the Kings right side, and unless there's a direct upgrade available it doesn't make sense to move any of them because then it just opens up a new gap in the lineup. Brodie doesn't do that.</div></div>

I understand all your points &amp; they are valid they way you mad it sound was Brodie isn’t a good enough defender to fill Roy’s role which is complete BS for the Toronto Point of View Brodie’s versatility is what makes it impossible to trade him but one other thing Willy is miles ahead of Arvidsson, that is a crucial Loss for the Leafs, Arvy is nice but won’t keep up that point &amp; goal production that Willy has. So now you made another hole in a Top 6 that has a missing 2nd line LW.

Brodie wouldn't waive his NTC &amp; Willy isn’t being moved, Hence why i say the Leafs most definitely decline, Willy imo is worth a hell of a-lot more then Arvidsson &amp; Brodie slightly less then Roy due to the Cap hit but even still this trade heavily favours LAK &amp; Creates new Issues in TO
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