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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Reason</b></div><div>It would be more appealing. I definitely think Lindholm is worth a first plus, however if VAN is going to trade their first I am not sure Lindholm is the best fit for the team. The team needs D improvements but would prefer right side upgrades.

Concerns fit wise for VAN from my perspective would be:

VAN is still likely 3-4 years away from contending which would be pushing Lindholm into his 30's and likely into a state of decline.
VAN is high on Jack Rathbone becoming a solid top 4 LD in the very near future. With Hughes also playing the left side, VAN hopes to be set in this position for years to come.
VAN traded away their 1&amp;2 round picks last year and don't appear to have a lot of future players coming in on ECL's. If they trade away top picks for players without some form of team control on team friendly deals, they could continue to have cap issues long term.
Greater need for improvement on the right side.

All that being said JB tried hard to acquire OEL last year, a desperation move in my opinion, and he is likely going to be even more desperate to improve the team this year, so I could definitely see him having interest, I would think VAN would probably have to add prospect though.</div></div>
Thank you for the insight and perspective, although I think I’d like challenge you on your position that they are 3-4 years from contention, I follow the Canucks somewhat closely as they are one of my favorite teams and I honestly think that with some smart decisions they could be only 1-2 years away from being a threat. They have plenty of forwards that in 2 years will be effective top 6 players. Petterson Miller Hoglander Podkolzin Boeser Horvat. And A number of D that can be effective in 2 years. Hughes Rathbone Schmidt and if Hamonic and Myers can play like top 4 Dmen just don’t always do. They also have a solid goalie in Demko. I think a presence like Lindholm would catapult them to a somewhat guaranteed playoff position next year given the division. Basically to surmise the Canucks are lucky in the fact that their issues have really nothing to do with their young core. It’s just getting a bit of luck and fixing up their bottom 6 and improving their D a bit that needs to be worked out. I think this would cover the latter. And worst case scenario you could have a left side on defense that guarantees a solid Dman is on the ice at any given moment similar to Tampa’s model.
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