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Sujet: Rangers
Sabres decline

Nemeth is a depth defenseman, bottom pair at best
If we were looking for that, I’d think we’d just resign Pysyk,
who played fairly well for us
We also have young defensemen in Bryson & Fitzgerald, who- for the most part- did not look out of place on the bottom pair

If we were to forget a defenseman….
it would very likely be a top4 type, which would then push either Samuelsson (another youngster who’s looked very good) or Jokiharju down to the bottom pair
So i just don’t see how Nemeth would be even remotely considered by the Sabres, especially considering he’s left handed, since we’re absolutely loaded on that side

As for Georgiev, it’s another situation where he’s not a fit for what we are looking for
And that’s if we considered him to be a good player, which he’s not (and I’ve been saying that for a couple seasons now)

Sure, he came into the league with a bang showing promise
But that promise is long gone imo
His save percentage has declined EVERY season in his 5years in the league (which is hard to do btw), culminating with a brutal .898save% this season

Even if we thought a change of pace could/would do him good,
we just aren’t in the position to take on that type of goalie
We have a young & promising goalie in UPL, who has a .913save% in his (very) short time appearing in the NHL

So bc he’s not a sure thing by any means, he’s gonna be best slotted in as our “1b” goalie
Now if we didn’t have him, Georgiev could be worth the risk in a “1b” role for someone, but that’s just not at all what we are looking for
We’re looking for a “1a” type, who can hold down the fort & be a mentor to our youth we have in the goaltending ranks (UPL, Devon Levi & Erik Portillo)

And Georgiev simply does not fill that role whatsoever

I know it’s only a 4th that you’re asking….
but like I’ve explained, it’s just not a fit for what we’re looking for
So i think the only way we’d consider it is if we struck out on multiple other targets we’d be trying to acquire

*i know you’re a bit of a Sabres fan, and fairly knowledgeable about them, which is why i went into such depth with my response about the trade