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Sujet: Deadline
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>AntiAnalytics</b></div><div>U have the freedom to ask- not the “right”
Words matter

But to answer you’re question….
I just find it curious that you care since u think the franchise sucks &amp; we aren’t headed in the right direction at all

Btw, how many points out of a playoff spot are we right now?

This team is getting better- no matter how much of a pessimistic downer u wanna be</div></div>

This isn't an academic paper or a court of law, my wording doesn't matter nearly as much as your incessant need to dismiss my question because of how i feel about the team. Anyone who isn't trolling could've seen in context what I meant when I said right instead of freedom to ask a question regardless of how i feel about the team.

I care/am curious about their (CuyahogaKid) thought process, that's independent of the team. See how you asked cause you were curious?

They are 1 pt back of toronto, but the leafs have 3 games in hand. They are 3 pts back of tampa, with the same amount of games played. They are more or less in the same position they were last year. Except they are playing a much worse brand of hockey. Tonight was their best game of the season.

The team is not getting better, individuals will get better on account of being older, but the team itself is a poorly run franchise by a bad owner and is in no way shape or form a threat to win a championship any time soon.

They are far more likely to miss the playoffs this year than make it, that's not even really up for debate at this point. They'll need a small miracle. Which of course, is what buffalo sports are famous for lol.