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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>dannibalcorpse</b></div><div>To piggyback on that thought, and just basing this off of what CF has on the front page right now (meaning that some contract details are not 100% confirmed right now so this could be out of date in an hour):

Vancouver currently has $85.251M in contracts committed for next year, and even after they put Michael Ferland on LTIR they'll still only have ~$700K cleared under the cap (and won't be accruing cap space since they're using LTIR to go over $82.5M.) They're not in the same cap squeeze that Minnesota or Vegas is in, necessarily, but when you look at their cap space next summer it becomes obvious that there's no home for JT Miller. I still think it's more likely he's a deadline deal, but Vancouver could breathe a lot easier without him.

Columbus is pretty snug too - they've got $3.17M in cap space right now with Emil Bemstrom and Patrik Laine needing new deals. At this point, they *could* trade Gustav Nyquist and raise that cap space to a little less than $8.7M, but I still don't think that's enough to even bridge both those guys.

St. Louis is probably at least *pushing* the cap - but looking at their roster, they probably want to move someone on D before they move Tarasenko. 7 guys already signed with Perunovich and Mikkola's RFA rights (tho I heard Scott had signed already?) so they've got a bit of a logjam. Maybe Isles sweeten a potential Tarasenko deal by taking Scandella off your hands?</div></div>

With Leddy in the boat I think they want to move Krug and let Perunovich QB the PP. if not Scandella is probably the odd man out. I think Vlad is gone after this year no matter what. If I had to try and read the tea leaves it looks like Doug is trying to make room for next year with ROR and Kyrou still needing contracts and a native son speeding towards UFA status. Next year is a good class so a first and good prospect would probably get it done. Need cost controlled assets to get to the next cap bump.

I can’t see this team being better than last years so minor strip back this year to free up cash for next might be best
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Fafhrd</b></div><div>The Blues aren't getting any top line prospects or draft picks from any of the teams. Pretty sure at least one of those teams is a red herring and isn't actually in the running (it actually could be the Isles).

The reality is that Tarasenko's injury history and desire for a trade (and the lack of moving him to Seattle) has effectively tanked his value, and that keeps going down with each passing day. And the Blues only have $6 million to sign Sanford, Kyrou, and Thomas and are in big danger of an offer sheet. Getting even an extra $3.75 million off the cap will help resign those guys and move on.

Here's what Lamoriello would likely say to Armstrong "You have to move VT, we don't have to take him. But we'll take on his entire cap hit but you'd have to give us something in return. Or maybe we'll offer sheet Kyrou instead." Armstrong's fooling himself if he thinks that he can play teams off of one another for VT. Rangers and Devils aren't contenders and would be making a move to make a move. They are years away and know it. They can and will walk away with their draft futures. If those rumors are correct, Isles are the only real market in town, unless another team strikes out on Eichel and settles for Tarasenko.</div></div>

They have 6M to sign Thomas and Kyrou. Don’t think Sanford is a priority at all. He got shopped last year and no one took him. Secondly, no one is offer sheeting anyone. They never do, they never will. So let’s not pretend like somebody is gonna open that box. They got plenty of money to bridge Thomas who had a down year with injuries and Kyrou who had a good but not great first campaign. Lastly, as I have said previously, Armstrong goal is to move the money. I have never once said we want a first or best prospect. I said money first then return. Honestly, I’m beginning to think Armstrong holds him and trades him in season next year if he shows he’s healthy. Either way not a horribly pressing issue for the Blues until they resign Kyrou and Thomas
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